Trust God In Times Of Apparent Defeat
1 Kings 19:1-6, 9b-10, 15-18
LifeWay's Explore the Book Lesson 05-18-03

In times of exhaustion, or depression one may notmake the best decisions.  Many suggest Elijah'sexhaustion, or depressionexplain his actions described in the text.  His behavior certainlyindicatesa different Elijah than at Mount Carmel.  In addition most of us tooeasily forget the pastblessing of God.  Of course if fellow prophetsdied by the sword, and they threaten to kill you,that might affect your memory,and cause depression.  However in all of this Elijah needed totrustthe Lord.

1. Trust God through Proper . . Focus in Times of Apparent Defeat. vs. 1-3

During this time Elijah focused on Jezebel as he feared and fled. He needed to focus on God'spast action, and the protection given to him. In times of apparent defeat check your spiritualfocus.

2. Trust God through Proper . . Faith in Times of Apparent Defeat. vs. 4-6

Elijah contemplated suicide; how could he come to that point in his life?   He stopped believing God gave him life, and designed a purpose for it.  Here one of the great prophets of Godcelebrates a lonely pity party.  Have you ever celebrated like that; if so you quenched yourfaith inGod, and did not express trust.  Running in fear limits a personstrust, and stunts their growth.  Elijah grew through this experienceonly by later looking back at it so he did not do it again.

God provide for Elijah, and protected him even in this time of fear, and doubt.  God suppliedElijah's needs in and unusual but useful manner.  Elijah did not request angelic help nor did heexpect it.  Angelic involvement is always under God's direction.

3. Trust God through Proper . . Foundation in Times of Apparent Defeat. vs 9b-10
God said: "What are you doing here, Elijah?" It is as if God said you're my prophet, and this isnota place for a prophet. Hiding from a man or woman like Jezebel has neverbeen a place forGod's people or prophets.

If right now God asked you the question He asked Elijah what would you say? It is worth noting that God knew where to find His fleeing prophet. He takes the initiative to bring him back to aplace of service. He will do the same for us. If you ever flee God's plan remember thisexperienceof Elijah.

4. Trust God through Proper . . Fundamentals in Times ofApparent Defeat. vs 15-18
Following orders remains a basic fundamental for the Christian servant. The Word of the Lordcame to order Elijah. We must realize orders havean order to them? God many times giveprecise details to his plans. Thecure for Elijah's fear, and feeling of despair involved following detailed orders in an orderly manner.

Now note God takes the offensive side of the battle as he plans to work with all those who havenot bowed the knee to Baal or kissed him. Iwant to be that kind of servant! Amen? Amen!