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                Be Wise about Alcohol — Various Proverbs            Feb. 08, 2004

                My dad drank until it weakened his brain.  He died in a hospital for alcohol
                related mental problems. On his death certificate the cause of death was listed
                as premature senility, caused by alcohol.  He was fifty-one years of age. My dad,
                on several occasions, told me, “Son take a fool’s advice and never touch the
                stuff.”  The lesson today encourages us to be wise about alcohol.

                1. Be Wise about Alcohol Because It Is . . Deceptive.  Pr. 20:1, 23:19-21
                    I have seen wine cause one to be mocked, and a drinking person become a
                brawler. Very few people start out using alcoholic beverages with the goal of
                being deceived.  How sad (but humorous) it is to watch a person try to walk
                normally, and think he/she is not staggering.  Sadly, quite often their morals and
                their countenance also staggers.  The word here translated “beer” in the HCSB,
                is strong drink in many translations. The final admonition of these passages
                deals with associations.  Many people start using alcoholic beverages because
                of peer pressure, others continue to drink because of friends and associates.
                This gives another reason to maintain Christian friendships.

                2. Be Wise about Alcohol Because It Is . . Destructive.  Pr. 23:29-30
                    Alcohol causes the indiscretions that result in conflicts, complaints, and sorrow.
                This conduct is identified for those who linger over wine.  Recently I saw a
                television program about the career of a popular song writer-entertainer. In his
                life he had participated in some abnormal events that received notoriety. As
                these were shown he sort of hung his head and said, “alcohol will cause a man
                to do some stupid things.  I am sorry for those actions, and the pain it caused my

                3. Be Wise about Alcohol Because It Causes. .Dependancy.  Pr.23:31-35
                    The advertisers paint a picture for the marketing of alcoholic beverages; they
                make it attractive.  They are deceptive because they do not show the final
                effects.  The speech of one lingering at the bar will become absurd, and he/she
                may see strange visions.  Alcohol has led many to become

                4. Be Wise about Alcohol Because It Is . . Distractive.  Pr. 31:4-5
                    Wise decisions will rarely be made while under the influence of alcohol, and
                leaders are advised to abstain.  It affects a person’s memory and morality.  Some
                have compromised their convictions while under the influence of alcohol.

                5. Be Wise about Alcohol Because It Is. . Disparaging.  Pr. 31:6-7
                    Our quarterly says these words may be a sarcastic statement.  They may also be
                the basis of the soldiers offering Jesus a drink while He hung on the cross.
                Some will try to make these verses speak in favor of using alcohol for medicinal
                purposes.  I believe we have several more potent pain killers to use today.  In
                verse seven many people’s poverty was caused by alcohol.  It did not help in my
                home to forget our poverty but reminded us of the cause of our financial
                problems.  Let’s Be Wise About Alcohol!  Amen?  Amen!

                Wise About Sexual Purity — Various Proverbs       Feb. 15, 2004

                    I find it very interesting that a high percentage of young people responded to a survey
                and indicated they wish they had waited until marriage for their first sexual experience.
                Did you know a major Newspaper, when told about our emphasis called True Love
                Waits, wrote an article titled It’s about Time. Even if they disagree, the world expects
                Christianity to stand up for Christian morality. A few years ago a young lady crowned as
                Miss America , urged other young people to remain virgins until marriage. The Bible tells
                us sexual purity is wise.

                1. Be Wise About Sexual Purity . . Eliminate the Deception.   5:3-6
                    The words of an adulteress are deceptive, even though they may appear to be
                appealing.  The bitterness of wormwood describes the final taste of this deception.  Why
                is this true?  The adulteress nor the adulterer consider the outcome of their ways.
                Earlier a scripture told us “think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the
                right paths.” (Prov 3:6 HCSB)   Because the sexually impure do not follow the word of
                God they are deceived.

                2. Be Wise About Sexual Purity . . Eliminate the Destruction.  5:7-14
                    Homes and individuals have been destroyed by adultery. Obeying the instruction of
                God's Word will lead one to avoid this destruction. The future of an adulterous life can be
                anticipated.  The text pictures the life of those who disregard their teachers. Anyone
                considering an affair can see the probable outcome in these verses. Wise people can
                learn from others’ observations and mistakes.

                3. Be Wise About Sexual Purity . . Eliminate the Infatuation.  5:20-23, 6:23-24
                    Verse twenty asks “Why, my son, would you be infatuated with a forbidden woman?”
                (5:20) Obviously many have not seriously asked themselves that question.   Embracing
                leads to entanglement that will entrap. The way to stop this scenario remains as
                always, obedience to the word and ways of God.  The text plainly says “a
                commandment is a lamp, teaching is a light, and corrective instructions are the way to
                life.”(6:23)  The text calls one who follows lust rather than the commands of God

                4. Be Wise About Sexual Purity . . Eliminate the Disgrace.   6:27-29, 32-34
                    Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker were disgraced nationally because of their adulterous
                affairs.  The text questions the wisdom of one who commits adultery, and promises
                punishment. Disgrace could be eliminated through a proper questioning combined with
                the making of wise choices directed by the Lord.  Adultery represents a decision of one
                who did not use wisdom in his/her decision.  This action could be quelled if one asks
                the Lord for guidance and heeds His commands.  Wisdom for our sexual practices is
                available.  Let's seek to Be Wise About Sexual Purity.  Amen?  Amen!