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The Power to Save        John 4:39-54       Oct. 06, 2013



       People who know they are saved possess a powerful testimony. It remains a very positive experience in our lives. We can say Jesus is The Power To Save!


1.    God Gives Power to Save and Power to . . Share with Others about Believing.. 4:39-42

       People who know their life has been changed by the saving power of Jesus can share that testimony with others. The woman at the well went to tell some men about Jesus. She said Jesus told her all she had done.

I think these men did not want others to know her history. But she included most certainly the forgiveness Jesus

offered and she readily accepted. In this day she could encourage Jesus to talk to these men also and He did. The text says “Many more believed because of what He said.” At times I have asked a person if they would receive the Lord if He were standing right there in their home at that very minute? Most often they said, yes!

I told them He would not be there but he sent me and as a representative and they needed to yield to Jesus.



2.    God Gives Power to Save and Power to . Spiritually Stimulate Others to Believe. 4:43-48

       Jesus went from one town to another even towns that did not give Him a good reception. That should tell us our responsibility is not good results but faithfully sharing. When Jesus passed on to Cana of Galilee He got a much better reception. In recent years we have sent more missionaries in the most fertile fields and have seen much better results. Jesus did many of His miraculous signs to minister to the people and call them to His power and salvation. A man pleaded for Him to come to his home and heal his son who was dying. He did not care how Jesus did it he wanted it done for his son. Most parents can understand his urgency. Jesus seemed to him to be his only help.


3.    God Gives Power to Save and Power to . . Show Others How to Believe. 4:49-54

       We may show others by listening to them. Jesus seems to be somewhat irritated with this man but the man

did the best he could by asking Jesus to come. Jesus just spoke and his boy was made well. We could call it a long distance healing, and today all of the healing we receive comes that way. As the man went back home a greeting came from his servants that his son was alive. It happened as Jesus spoke and the man transferred that to personal belief and it also caused personal belief for the salvation of his household. In the book of John Jesus is known for seven sign miraculous. They are great stories, and God’s power is demonstrated. And through them we know Jesus more completely and The Power to Save. Amen? Amen!

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