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Rely On The Lord
s Love    Lam. 3:19-33, 37-39    Aug. 28


          I have been married for 51 years and I know I am loved. There is peace and satisfaction in that knowledge. On one occasion about 20 years ago I asked my wife if she thought I loved her and she answered, Jim, I know you love me.You know that made me feel good. I want my wife to know I love her. I want everyone in my family to know I love them. Why? Because it is wholesome to know you are loved. It is easier for us to love others if we Rely On The Lords Love.

1.       Rely on the Lords . . Faithful Love. Lam. 3:19-26
The text talks about painful, pleasing, and purposeful memories as the

people relied on the Lords love. Do you believe God loves you? Several years ago in our Bible School a teacher told the class God loved them; and one boy said, No one loves me.How sad, but that boy came from a home were alcohol prevailed. He got beaten more than he was told he was loved. In our text, as they remembered Gods love, even in the painful times they could remember this fact of His love. As they reflected on the Lords faithful love they remembered pleasing times. They could look back over their lives and see the Lords purpose.

2.       Rely on the Lord
s . . Foreseeable Love. Lam. 3:27-30 

          Have you ever related to your life and realized God was at work and you could see how He was working toward the future? If you believe our Sovereign God is in charge, you can be confident He works all things together for our good. Our foreseeable future is not only a matter of the Sovereign, but also of the self. Many times hindsight is easier to recognize than foresight. If we get out of the way, we may more easily see what the Lord is doing. Sometimes Israel got in the way just like we do. When we get in the way and God allows it so we might learn from that experience and in the future stay out of His way.

3.       Rely on the Lords . . Forceful Love. Lam. 3:37-39
Do you recall a time of forceful punishment from your parents? Back then

I thought my mom or dad was mean. Today I am grateful they loved me enough to discipline me. God loved Israel enough to discipline her and through that to bring her more in line with His purposes. When we disobey and just flat out sin, we should not be complaining when we receive chastisement from the Lord. Israel received times of judgment from the Lord. Why does the Lord do things like that; is it because He dislikes us? No! He does that because He loves us. We must respect and Rely On The Lords Love. Amen? Amen!

I am sorry I do not have more of an outline; if I find it soon I will add it to this link.