Respect†††† 1 Sam.26:7-12, 21-25††††† Aug. 21, 2016



Every one of us should have certain people in the Lords service that we Respect like David respected King Saul.I am sorry to say that too few of us know those kinds of people or that we like David could believe the Lord wanted them protected.I have know times in my ministry where it was obvious that certain people held a high respect for their pastor and some even used the words ďGodís Anointed.ĒOn the other side of that I have seen pastors who did not understand the receiving of Godís anointing and they caused their own problems.But it is nice to see people who receive and deserve Respect from others.††††††††


1.Respect From . . David Causes Opportunity to Knock.†† 1 Sam. 26:7-8††

David and a servant found Saul asleep in the inner circle of the camp.He no doubt thought he was being protected by soldiers and the hand of God.David felt like he was protected by God because he did not want to take his life since he was the anointed king of Israel.The servant of David volunteered to take Sauls life.He reasoned God had put him in their way and it would be very easy to kill him.The servant was confident that he would not have to strike him twice and he suggested that it was the hand of God delivering Saul to them.David did not agree so they spared the life of Saul.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


2.Respect again Initiated From . . David.†† 1 Sam. 26:9-12

Because the Lord caused a deep sleep to come over Saul and his soldiers they were able to take his spear and water jug that were near Saul head.When Saul realized what had happened he knew David had acted honorably.†† David believed God did not want His anointed kings life taken from him.†† He acted honorably.†† When Saul recognized what had happened he was very remorseful of his attitudes toward David.


3.Remorse from Saul in his . . Respect for David.†† 1 Sam. 26:21

Saul responded very remorseful and promised to never harm David again.†† It was obvious that David had considered Sauls life as precious before the Lord.Saul considered his actions toward David as those of a fool not a god fearing King.


4.Saul Understands The . . Respect David had Shown to Him.†† 1 Sam. 26:22-25

David told Saul that the Lord had turned him over to him and he could have taken his life buthe refused to take action against the Lords anointed.David also told Saul he expected God to take care of his life and rescue him from trouble.Saul told David he was blessedand would certainly do great things and will prevail because of the Lord blessing on him.Saul showed his Respect for David.Amen.Amen!(To check for a more detailed outline.Go to:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††