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Respond Positively To Gods Discipline Job 33:13-22, 36:8-12 July 09, 2006



As an adult, if you do not realize the positive side of the discipline you received as a child from your parents you are a very unusual person. Many adults give their children a similar kind of discipline to that which they received. We do that because it worked on us, and we believe it will work on our children. In a like manner, we need to Respond Positively To God=s Discipline in our lives.


1.       Respond Positively To God’s . . Revelation Of Discipline. 33:13-16


Several people want answers from God on their terms. They do not seem to be aware of the manner He uses to reveal Himself and His instructions to them. It is interesting that Isaiah records God as saying, “Come, let us discuss this,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet,” Isaiah 1:18 (HCSB) You see God wants the sin problem dealt with first. Most people want to discuss that last. Does God reveal His discipline in advance? Sometimes! Job tells us His message may come to us in dreams or night visions. It is interesting how many times in the Bible God revealed Himself to a person in the night while they slept.


2.       Respond Positively To God’s . . Reasoning for Discipline. 33:17-22


How come you have lived as long as you have? Do you think the action of God preserved your live? Did He act so you could repent and respond to His discipline? I personally can look back over my life and see how God disciplined me to preserve my life so my desires, and actions, would get in line with Him. Sometimes the Lord uses pain to get our attention. Pain does have a way of getting through when we experience a spiritual hearing loss. On several occasions people say; AI guess God is not finished with me yet because He spared my life.@ None of us know all the details of how God plans to use our lives, but we can expect discipline to work for our good.


3.       Respond Positively To God’s . . Reprimand Of Discipline. 36:8-12


When we, as parents, reprimand our children it is good for them to understand the reason behind it. God reprimands His children, and tells us why through His instructions. Sometimes I have been slow to understand His instruction, but that was not His fault. Did God ever seem to be insisting to you about your need to repent? Job says God Ainsists@ or Acommands,@ us to repent. Does God do that so His discipline can be less stern? Does God ever say when He disciplines Athis hurts me worse that it hurts you?@ If that is true then why does God discipline? Job tells us God=s rewards, and punishments, are associated with His discipline. Obedience receives a different reward than disobedience. Heaven and Hell are involved in the rewards of His disciplines, and all of us need to: Respond Positively To God=s Discipline. Amen? Amen!

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