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Three Ideas for Encouraging Church Leaders    I Cor. 4:1-5, 9-20    June 13, 2010

For Some Reason I can not Find The more detailed lesson.                                                              For Some Reason I can not Find The more detailed lesson.                                                                       For Some Reason I can not Find The more detailed lesson.
At this point this is all I have for this lesson.


       If you lead, you will appreciate people who share helpful compliments and encouragement. Too many

times, being the leader becomes a thankless task. Some people shy away from places of leadership because they know the criticism can get almost unbearable. Some of us could do our best to follow the steps suggested here and encourage our leaders. Let each of us determine to refuse to be critical, recognize our leaders service, and readily receive the leaders guidance. These thoughts present Three Ideas for Encouraging Church Leaders!


1.   Refuse . . To Be Critical Of Leaders. 1 Cor. 4:1-5

       Faithfulness is a very valuable asset. I like the statement that the best ability is availability. Some can talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. Several who criticize don’t perform other than with their mouth. If we all refuse to be critical and appreciate the faithfulness of leaders we will set a good atmosphere for encouragement. If we depend on the Lord to evaluate the ministers, many of them will improve under His guidance. Paul noted that human evaluation does not accomplish what the Lord provides for us. Basically Paul said, that a good self evaluation will not accomplish what an evaluation from the Lord can do.


2.   Recognize . . The Service Of Our Leaders. 1 Cor. 4:9-13

       We may all know ministers who serve sacrificially. Paul certainly did. Some people never seemed to recognize the sacrifices Paul made. He presented himself as a spectacle to the church and the world. Some slandered him without respect to what he accomplished for Christ. Those who slandered Paul look very foolish today. The way they slandered Paul now appears appropriate for them, and what they thought elevated them now degrades them. To Paul’s credit he blessed and did not curse. Those kind of leaders need to be recognized and honored. We certainly need to give credit where credit is due and honor men like Paul.


3.   Receive . . The Leaders Guidance. 1 Cor. 4:14-20

       If your father set a good example and correctly guided you and your home, then you received a good example and can appreciate the analogy Paul used. I love to hear a son say his best friend is or was his dad.

My dad advised me to not follow his example. I am glad my mom and my church helped me to go in a more godly direction. Paul set such an example with Timothy, in that he sent him in leadership positions after he had established a work. Paul was a faithful leader and developed men like Timothy to follow his steps as a faithful leader. Leaders need to be appreciated and encouraged. Far too often people don’t appreciate a leader until he or she is gone. Give out the bouquets as you can. If you try incorporating these suggestions you will have Three Ideas for Encouraging Church Leaders! Amen? Amen!