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Practice Christian Submission     1 Peter 2:13-25     March 25, 2007


One of the best practical examples of submission I have found is the high-spirited horse who has been broken into meekness. This animal becomes very useful when it learns to be meek. Without submission the horse is wild and useful only to itself, and possibly a herd of horses. We may make the application to the human lifestyle. We produce more when we practice Christian obedience. A church submissive to one another is a blessing to behold. Too many times a church lacks submission to the Lord, demonstrated in a spirit willing to follow Him. Jesus is our example, He did not go around demanding submission but obviously earned it from His followers. Perhaps now more than ever, all of us need to display a desire to Practice Christian Submission.

1.   Practice Christian Submission With Our . . Disposition. 2:13-17

If we desire to obey the will of God we must possess a submissive attitude. God officiates as He allows men in positions of responsibility, and He expects us to yield to their authority. Those serving as emperors when Simon Peter wrote this letter did not demonstrate godly qualities, but he still told the church to submit. Our submissiveness will be observed by the world, and Simon Peter tells us through it we will silence the ignorance of foolish people. The world expects to see Christians act as in obedience to the commands and teachings of scripture.

2.   Practice Christian Submission With Our . . Discipline. 2:18-20

Suppose your plot in life casts you as a household slave, what kind of disciplined lifestyle will you display? The Bible tells the slaves to be submissive to their masters. A Christian slave must be sensitive to what the Bible teaches, and it instructs all to practice an attitude sensitive to God=s way even if their master behaves cruelly. The attitude of survival produces a conscience willing even to face grief and suffering unjustly in order to win an opportunity to share their faith in Christ. When God=s children suffer in this manner the text tells us He expresses His favor. What peace do you think a slave could maintain if he or she knew they enjoyed the approval of God in their conduct?

3.   Practice Christian Submission With Our . . Demonstrations. 2:21-25 

We need to understand through the call of God how we might demonstrate a submissive lifestyle. In addition we receive guidance through the commitment and a caring pattern from Jesus. He is our example! You probably are familiar with the book titled, What Would Jesus Do, by Charles Sheldon. If you have not seen this book illustrated through a movie; purchase or rent it at a Christian bookstore. If we follow in the steps of Jesus we will demonstrate His submissive spirit. He did not return rebuke when reviled, not did He threaten when He experienced suffering. He demonstrated a lifestyle committed to God. He remains the shepherd and guardian of our souls. Therefore we desire to Practice Christian Submission. Amen? Amen! (For additional information see: