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Accepting A Challenging Standard     1 Peter 1:13-25     March 11,2007



       My first Bible professor, Dr. W. L. Muncy Jr., told us, AMen do not gather to go hunt mice, but they will gather to hunt bear, elk, and deer.@ He was emphasizing presenting a challenge. In our Christian life we face a challenging lifestyle because of the world=s opposition. Christ gives us the ability to overcome the world and be victorious even though we face the reality of Accepting A Challenging Standard.

1.   Accepting A Challenging Standard The . . Call To Holiness. 1:13-16

We are called to holiness, but how can you and I be holy? It is a matter of grace! Christians receive salvation by grace, and Christ in us causes holiness through His presence. We get the opportunity to participate in holiness through the choices we make, and yet right choices follow the direction of the grace God gives. I talked with a pastor the other day who believes you can live without sinning, and that is a holy lifestyle. The church he represents teaches what they call AEntire Sanctification@ and this is an advanced or second work of grace. They also believe it usually comes sometime after the salvation experience. Baptists believe we receive a complete holiness from the Lord at salvation, and we comply to His holiness in our growing Christian lifestyle. We are commanded in the text to, ABe holy, because I am holy.@ Try to find a pagan god that commands holiness; it will be a rare find; if ever found.


2.   Accepting A Challenging Standard The . . Choices Of Holiness. 1:17-21

Our choices in holiness include reverence for the residences we live in even though they may be temporary, and the redemption we receive. God knows where we will reside. It may be far away from home, and difficult choices may be presented to us. Our choice of holiness will include revelations about God=s eternal, and evangelistic plan. In our choices for personal holiness God reveals His truth to us, and we may receive an advanced knowledge through the grace given in this kind of lifestyle. This truth is underlined by the resurrection of our Lord. We serve a Teacher who remains a risen Savior!

3.    Accepting A Challenging Standard The . Commendations Of Holiness. 1:22-25

In today=s world, and from the world=s perspective, holiness represents a real challenge. The purity commended from a holy lifestyle certainly represents a commendation for this standard of life. Not only do we received the commendation of purity in this way of the Christian walk, but we gain a different perception. Christians see the Word of God advanced in the world and non-Christians completely miss the relevance. It seems some think the Bible is out of date but they will live forever. This word contains the gospel that was preached to us, and our acceptance of it will also be Accepting A Challenging Standard. Amen? Amen! (For additional information see: