In His Service     Matt. 9:35-38,10:1-8 HCSB     Feb. 07, 2016



How do you think most Christians serve the Lord?  Do most of us just attend church or have a prayer ministry and visitation ministry out on the fields of the spiritual harvest?  Now I am not belittling church attendance but many churches have a sing tht says enter to worship, depart to serve.


1.   In His Service . . Constrained By Compassion.   9:35-36

When anyone witnessed Jesus ministering how could it not make them want to be similar in any and all of their activities as a Christian.  One of the disciples asked him to teach them to pray.  How could they see Him  doing His ministry and not want to be as much like Him as possible?  Today if we see a minister ministering without the evidence of compassion it gives the appearance of one who is phoney.  I have never seen sheep without a shepherd but I can imagine how pitiful they could appear.  If anyone today ministers and the touch of the Lord is not demonstrated in their ministry it is also terrible.


2.   In His Service . . Challenged To Pray.   9:37-38                          

How did Jesus attempt to increase those working in the field?   He commanded us to pray for the Lord to send out workers into the field.  Well why don’t we have more workers in the fields of our communities?  We have to say there is not enough praying about it and not enough of us going.  I talked to someone who calls himself a Jehovah Witness yesterday and in making conversation with him I complimented him about his going door to door in our community.  He said, “well Jesus commands it.”  I wonder how many Baptist would agree?

I must come to the conclusion we do not follow the Lords command to pray about workers in the field or being a worker in the field.


3.   In His Service . . Commissioned To Go.   10:1-8                                              

I must admit I have some fear about going out into the fields, but because the Lord has commanded it and promised to be with us I go with some regularity.  I have been told I am the most evangelistic pastor the church has ever had.  To that I have responded; “if that is true it is very sad.”   Jesus gave the orders and set the example of sharing a witness to those who are lost sheep.  How did we become the Lord’s children?  Someone shared the message with us.  How often do we share with someone else?  In recent years when I share with a person they usually thank me for sharing.  When I give them a tract they many times thank me and promise to read it.  Many of us believe the return of the Lord is near.  What about those who are not ready?  Jesus wants us to pray for workers in the field, and be one ourself.  When we do we are In His Service.  Amen?  Amen!

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