Faith Demonstrated†††† Matt. 8:5-13†††† Jan, 31, 2016



On one occasion I asked the deacons of our church how often they had seen faith demonstrated.One deacon said not very often and I am sorry to say that is too often the experience of most of us.It is great to see acts of faith where we have to say God did it.There is no other way to explain it.It is obviously the evidence of Faith Demonstrated.


1.††† Faith Demonstrated with . . Urgency for A Servant.††† 8:5-7†††

This man demonstrated his urgent faith for a servant.He must have been a good and faithful servant for whom this man wanted healing.This man had heard about Jesus and wasted no time coming to Him to make his request.He made it respectfully and resourcefully.He knew of Jesus and believed Jesus could and would do what he asked.This certainly is faith demonstrated.Jesus made His immediate response but it was not what the man thought as Jesus spoke and healed this servant in a manner we could call long distance.You know today the Lord heals in a long distance manner.We can gain an increase in our faith from this experience.


2.††† Faith Demonstrated with . .Understanding of Authority.††† 8:8-9

Faith can be understood when we know the use of authority.Jesus had the authority and power to heal this manís servant.Jesus also did not have to go to the manís house for He could heal long distance.Today Jesus does not ave to come in person to our houses but can order healing and it will be granted.I think I have receive healing from the Lord and through His Spirit knew it happened in my life.The servant in the text was healed and the Lord did not have to go to the mans house but simply ordered it to be so and it took place.When a person humbly respects the authority of the Lord he can expect more to happen.


3.††† Faith Demonstrated with . .Unusual Acceptance in Faith.††† 8:10-13

Jesus was amazed at this centurionís faith and said He had not seen such faith in all of Israel.What a great compliment to this man.All of us perhaps have seen some people have more faith than some others. Perhaps we have more faith than some others but it is always great to see people demonstrating their faith.†† Because of their faith people all over the world have believed in Jesus and become one of His children and we will see these people in heaven because of their faith in the Lord.When I went to Israel it was interesting to see people from all over the world visiting to places where Jesus ministry had occurred.These people were the Lordís children because of their faith just like my wife and I, and others who were visiting.We could see their Faith Demonstrated.Amen?†† Amen!†† (Check for a more detailed outline.Go to:†† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††