Respond to God's Direction       2 Kings 8:1-2, 9:1-6, 9:10b-13 (HCSB)       July 4, 2004

    Does God at times give you specific advice for your daily life? If God leads in our daily life, He will
not contradict His written Word. On one occasion about forty years ago I pastored a mission church in Florida. I rode with some older ministers to an evangelism conference, and one of them surprised me greatly as he said, "God has never told me to do anything." The other men agreed with his statement. In my opinion those ministers where very liberal in their theology. The statement caused me to wonder if they had ever experienced salvation. If these men were saved they certainly were not paying attention to the leadership of the Lord. Our Lord does give his children a private and public word. The lesson encourages us to, Respond to God's Direction.

1.    The Lady's . . Response to God's Direction. 8:1-2
        What we have seen before in the Shunammite lady helps us to understand her quick response. It
helps one to respond to the message of God if the person delivering the message has the confidence and respect of those receiving it. The Shunammite lady enjoyed several encounters with Elisha, and knew him to be a man of God, with impeccable character. In the past, every time Elisha told her something it came to pass just as he told her. The lady resigned herself to the unpleasant news about the famine, and immediately began to ready herself in the actions necessary to respond obediently. She is an important lady in the life and ministry of Elisha.

    A.    The Lady's . . Respect for Elisha Prompts the Response. v 1a
        "Elisha said to the woman whose son he had restored to life,"

    B.    The Lady's . . Resignation to Elisha's Prophecy Prompts the Response. v 1b
        "Get ready, you and your household, and go and live as a foreigner wherever you can. For the
Lord has announced a seven-year famine, and it has already come to the land."

    C.    The Lady's . . Readiness to Elisha's Prophecy Prompts the Response. v 2
        2 So the woman got ready and did what the man of God said. She and her household lived as
foreigners in the land of the Philistines for seven years

2.    The Young Prophet's . . Response to God's Direction. Vs 1-6 & 10
    The young prophet, preacher boy as we would call him, received a call from Elisha and quickly
responded. The prophet declared his message and the younger prophet comprehended all the details. He then acted in compliance to the direction of the message received. The circumstances surrounding the home of Jehu and the prophecy about him, made a quick departure advantageous. The young prophet must have enjoyed sharing the news about the death of Jezebel. Take a look at the emotional contrast in this time of service as he announces the death of Jezebel, and then gets to anoint a new king. He knew his words about Jezebel would not be well received by her so he departed quickly after the consummation of his service.

    A.    The . . Call of the Young Prophet to Respond to God's Direction. v 1a
        "The prophet Elisha called one of the sons of the prophets and said, "

    B.    The . . Comprehension of the Young Prophet to Respond to God's Direction. Vs 1b-3
        "Tuck your mantle under your belt, take this flask of oil with you, and go to Ramoth-gilead.
2 When you get there, look for Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, son of Nimshi. Go in, get him away from his
colleagues, and take him to an inner room. 3 Then, take the flask of oil, pour it on his head, and say,
'This is what the Lord says: "I anoint you king over Israel." ' Open the door and escape. Don't wait."

    C.    The . . Compliance of the Young Prophet to Respond to God's Direction. Vs 4-6
4 So the young prophet went to Ramoth-gilead. 5 When he arrived, the army commanders were sitting there, so he said, "I have a message for you, commander." Jehu asked, "For which one of us?" He answered, "For you, commander." 6 So Jehu got up and went into the house. The young prophet poured the oil on his head and said, "This is what the Lord God of Israel says: 'I anoint you king over the Lord's people, Israel.

    D.    The . . Consummation of the Young Prophet in Responding to God's Direction. v 10
        9:10 The dogs will eat Jezebel in the plot of land at Jezreel--no one will bury her.' " Then the young prophet opened the door and escaped.

3.    The New King's . . Response to God's Direction. Vs 11-13
    Immediately, Jehu the new king, wanted to conceal what the young prophet told him. He did not tell
his master's servants what the young prophet said, and did. The servants wanted more information as they did not believe him, and told him he was lying; so Jehu then communicated the entire story to them. The servants quickly took their garments and placed them under Jehu. This was an act of their willingness to recognize him as the king. They had a private coronation service and hailed Jehu as the king. The direction of God appeared obvious to these men and they Responded to God's Direction. Amen? Amen!

    A.    The . . Concealing of the New King in Response to God's Direction. v 11
    11 When Jehu came out to his master's servants, they asked, "Is everything all right? Why did this
crazy person come to you?" Then he said to them, "You know the sort and their ranting."

    B.    The . . Communicating of the New King in Response to God's Direction. v 12
12 But they replied, "[That's] a lie! Tell us!" So Jehu said, "He talked to me about this and that and
said, 'This is what the Lord says: I anoint you king over Israel.' "

    C.    The . . Coronation of the New King in Response to God's Direction. v 13
    13 Each man quickly took his garment and put it under Jehu on the bare steps. They blew the ram's
horn and proclaimed, "Jehu is king!"