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Exercise Financial Responsibility    April 06, 2014

Pro.16:16; 21:1-2: 23:4-5; 28:20; 30:7-9; 13:11; 15:27; 20:17; 21:6; 22:16; 28:6-8,24;3:9-10; 11:28; 16:8



      People I know who have exercised financial responsibility are satisfied people and have joy in their immediate family. It is nice to be around them. 


1.   Exercise Financial Responsibility Keep A . . Perspective on Finances. 16:16; 21:1-2: 23:4-5; 28:20; 30:7-9

              Gaining wisdom will serve a person longer than gaining gold. Doing what is good in God’s sight

       will help a person enjoy a good night’s sleep more than getting gold and thinking we might give some as a

       means of sacrifice to the church program etc.. Faithful men are blessed with God’s pleasures. When one

       looks for and takes wealth almost anyway he can get it he will not receive the blessings only God can

       give. A man with several million dollars told me it is never enough. Somebody has always got more

       and trying to run with rich men gets rather vain and useless. The old story about two men talking about

       their wealth and one said how much more do you want and the other said just a little more.


2.    Exercise Financial Responsibility . . Provide for Others Through Integrity. 13:11; 15:27; 20:17; 21:6; 22:16; 28:6-8,24

When people disciplines themself and work to build their resources of wealth the Lord will help it to

       multiply. Dishonest gain does not receive a blessing from the Lord. All of us need to refrain from seeking

       to encourage someone by offering a bribe and we should also refrain from receiving one. Don’t make

       wealth by telling lies or oppressing the poor. When a person makes gaining wealth their goad from any       means the Bible says it will vanish. People who are poor can show an example of integrity for many of us

       and especially the ones who seek wealth at any means. If we have an opportunity to charge interest it

       should never be excessive because that is not right and does not follow principals of scripture. Can you

       imagine a child stealing from his/her parents? It happens but that child needs to be corrected quickly and



3.    Exercise Financial Responsibility . . Practice Good Stewardship. 3:9-10.

              My mom taught me about stewardship all of her life. When I got my first pay check she ask

       if I wanted 100% of my pay without God’s blessing or 90% with His blessing? It was a simple

       decision for me. Did you ever hear about the man who had been a faithful steward and then his business

burned down? Someone said to him, Well you have lost everything, don’t you wish you had all you gave to the church. He said, “ No because that’s all I really have saved. All the good memories of what that money accomplished will last me forever.” Does your church have tithing testimonies? Some of the best examples I ever heard came from those satisfied people who practiced as the Lord told them to Exercise Financial Responsibility. Amen? Amen! (For a more detailed outline go to: