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Is God Still Working In The World?      Mark 4:14-32      Dec. 27, 2009


       How many ways can we answer,“yes” to the question in the title? It seems to me if you watch the details of life we see many examples of God at work. Yesterday my wife and I walked through a mall and as is my habit I asked a man who was wearing a cross why he was wearing it. He repeated to me my question, and I affirmed he was correct. He said, it makes me feel close to God. That said to me God is working in this young man’s life. As we talked he did not know for sure he knew the Lord. God prompted me to talk with him further and give him a tract. Why? Because God was at work in my life to be a witness, so to the question, Is God Still Working In The World, I say Yes!


1.   God Is At Work As His Word Is . . Sown. Mk. 4:14-20

       A.   God Works Through His Word In It’s Being Sown On . . Rocky Soil. 4:14-17

              14 The sower sows the word. 15 These are the ones along the path where the word is sown: when they

              hear, immediately Satan comes and takes away the word sown in them. 16 And these are the ones sown

              on rocky ground: when they hear the word, immediately they receive it with joy. 17 But they have no

              root in themselves; they are short-lived. When affliction or persecution comes because of the word,

              they immediately stumble.


       B.   God Works Through His Word In It’s Being Sown On . . Thorny Soil. 4:18-19

              18 Others are sown among thorns; these are the ones who hear the word, 19 but the worries of this age,

              the seduction of wealth, and the desires for other things enter in and choke the word, and it becomes



       C.   God Works Through His Word In It’s Being Sown On . . Good Soil. 4:20

              20 But the ones sown on good ground are those who hear the word, welcome it, and produce

              a crop: 30, 60, and 100 times what was sown."

       A few years ago the church I pastored had a Christian drama called, “Heaven’s Gates And Hell’s Flames.”

Through the invitation we gave about 150 people made professions of faith. We took everyone who made a decision back to the fellowship hall and individually counseled them. They then came to me and I talked to than and gave them a booklet specifically prepared for them, and a Jesus Video from the Gospel of Luke. Most of these people were from other churches and other communities, but I think I experienced an example of the different kinds of soil. Some were rocky ground, thorny ground and some good ground. We sowed the seed and depended on the Lord to give the increase.


2.   God Is At Work As His Word Is . . Shown. Mk. 4:21-25

       A.   God Works For His Word To Be Shown For People To . . See. 4:21-22

              21 He also said to them, "Is a lamp brought in to be put under a basket or under a bed? Isn't it to be put

              on a lampstand? 22 For nothing is concealed except to be revealed, and nothing hidden except to come

              to light.  


       B.   God Works For His Word To Be Shown For People To . . Hear. 4:23-24

              23 If anyone has ears to hear, he should listen!" 24 Then He said to them, "Pay attention to what you

              hear. By the measure you use, it will be measured and added to you. 25 For to the one who has, it will

              be given, and from the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away."

       If you trust God to use His Word you will use every method you can for people to see and hear the Word of God. I know of a man who witnessed to a man who would not let him use the Bible. The witness asked if he could pray for him, and he said, “well okay”. When he prayed he used the scriptures which share the plan of salvation and the man later got saved. What a privilege for a Christian to help the lost to see and hear God’s Word, and watch God save them.


3.   God Is At Work Through His Word And His Kingdom Is . . Growing. Mk. 4:26–32

       A.   God Works Through His Word To . . Surprisingly Grow His Kingdom. 4:26-27

              26"The kingdom of God is like this," He said. "A man scatters seed on the ground; 27 he sleeps and

              rises — night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows — he doesn't know how.


       B.   God Works Through His Word To . . Systematically Grow His Kingdom. 4:28-29

              28 The soil produces a crop by itself — first the blade, then the head, and then the ripe grain on the

              head. 29 But as soon as the crop is ready, he sends for the sickle, because harvest has come."


       C.   God Works Through His Word To . . Satisfyingly Grow His Kingdom. 4:30-32

              30 And He said: "How can we illustrate the kingdom of God, or what parable can we use to describe

              it? 31 It's like a mustard seed that, when sown in the soil, is smaller than all the seeds on the ground.

              32 And when sown, it comes up and grows taller than all the vegetables, and produces large branches,

              so that the birds of the sky can nest in its shade." HCSB

       God grows His kingdom directly related to the Spirit’s use of His Word. If we regularly share The scripture

the kingdom will grow. God blessed me through the ministry of the Miner Baptist Church, and the Lynwood Baptist church through their presentations of The Judgement House. Our church has seen people saved, baptized and blossom into fine Christian examples through that ministry. Is God Still Working In The World? Amen? Amen!