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Why Prayer Deserves Priority     1 Kings 8:22-24, 27-28, 38-39, 43     Dec. 12, 2010


I have heard, or read about several fine Christian people who as they came to retirement said, “I regret that I

did not spend more time in prayer.” Most of us would say we don’t pray as much as we ought to pray. That is even more the reason Why Prayer Deserves Priority.


1.   Prayer Deserves Priority Because God Is . . Faithful. 8:22-24

       A.   Faithful To Keep His . . Covenant. 8:22-23

22 Then Solomon stood before the altar of the Lord in front of the entire congregation of Israel and

              spread out his hands toward heaven. 23 He said: LORD God of Israel, there is no God like You in

              heaven above or on earth below, keeping the gracious covenant with Your servants who walk before

              You with their whole heart.


       B.   Faithful To Keep His . . Commitments. 8:24

              24 You have kept what You promised to Your servant, my father David. You spoke directly to him

              and You fulfilled Your promise by Your power as it is today.


       If, for no other reason, we should make prayer a priority because God allows it and is faithful to hear a humble prayer from His children. Godly people who faithfully pray will notice a definite difference in their life and their surroundings. God has made some promises about His relationship with His people called the Covenant. God likewise made several promises and His faithfulness kept every one of them. In the New Testament God made promises and is faithfully keeping them. All of His people need to make prayer more of a personal priority.


2.   Prayer Deserves Priority Because God Is . . Fabulous. 8:27-28

       A.   Fabulous Because He Cannot Be . . Contained. 8:27

              27 But will God indeed live on earth? Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain You, much less

              this temple I have built.


       B.   Fabulous Because He Can Hear Our . . Cry. 8:28

              28 Listen to Your servant’s prayer and his petition, LORD my God, so that You may hear the cry and

              the prayer that Your servant prays before You today,

       God is not limited in time or space. Solomon states even the temple he built could not contain Him. As we think about the fact that God cannot be contained we recognize we can pray to Him anytime or place. If you think of the most remote place you have ever been God was there and you could pray to Him. The men trapped in the mine down in Chili prayed. Some may have prayed for the first time in a long time while others may have prayed more that usual. I heard two man actually became Christian’s during those days. God is not only faithful but He is fabulous in hearing the prayers of His children or from those who want to become Children.

Wherever we are God can hear our cry.


3.   Prayer Deserves Priority Because God Is . . Forgiving. 8:38-39, 43

       A.   God Forgives His . . Friends. 8:38-39

38 whatever prayer or petition anyone from Your people Israel might have— each man knowing his

              own afflictions and spreading out his hands toward this temple—

              39 may You hear in heaven, Your dwelling place, and may You forgive, act, and repay the man,

              according to all his ways, since You know his heart, for You alone know every human heart,


       B.   God Forgives The . . Foreigner. 8:43

43 may You hear in heaven, Your dwelling place, and do according to all the foreigner asks You for. Then all the people on earth will know Your name, to fear You as Your people Israel do and know that this temple I have built is called by Your name. HCSB

       Some people think their sin is too great for God to be willing to hear their prayer. That is not true. Go throughout the Bible and you will find someone confessing in prayer ever sin imaginable. God forgives sin when one sincerely confesses and repents. God is willing to forgives the sins of His friends as well as the sins of the foreigner. This foreigner is a gentile who came to the temple to worship God. He/she is similar to the story in Acts 8 where the man called the Ethiopian Eunuch came to the temple to worship. I would say the Holy Spirit led that man to the temple just like the Spirit led Phillip to go out on the desert road and find him.

The Lord is not only the God of Israel but of all the world. I am grateful for that! That may be another reason Why Prayer Deserves Priority. Amen? Amen!