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Living with Troublemakers     2 Peter 2:1-3, 12-14; Jude 16-25 (HCSB)     Nov. 18, 2012


It is not pleasant having to associate with trouble makers. I went to pastor a church one time and the pastor search committee told me there were trouble makers in the church and they usually spoke up at business meetings. That is not a fun place to be Living with Trouble Makers.


1.   Living with Troublemakers Beware of . . Deception. 2 Peter 2:1-3, 12-13a

       A    The Deception of Troublemakers who . . Scoff According to Their Own Desires. 2:1-3

1 Dear friends, this is now the second letter I have written to you; in both letters, I want to develop a genuine understanding with a reminder,
2 so that you can remember the words previously spoken by the holy prophets and the command of our Lord and Savior giventhrough your apostles.
3 First, be aware of this: Scoffers will come in the last days to scoff, living according to their own desires,


       B    The Deception of Troublemakers Nearing the . . Second Coming. 2:12-13b

12 as you wait for and earnestly desire the coming of the day of God. The heavens will be on fire and be dissolved because of it, and the elements will melt with the heat.
13 But based on His promise, . . .”

      Have you been around people who can be called deceptive or scoffers? They are

      generally very negative and do not want any biblically authority emphasized. The text says

      these folks will be more prominent in the last days. The only option open to us is that

      He might come in our lifetime. It is the same option Simon Peter and the people of his day

      were given.


2.   Living with Troublemakers Beware of . . Dwelling with Sinful Lifestyles.

                                                                                                  2 Peter 2:13b-14; Jude 16-19

       A    The Deception of Troublemakers while we . . Wait for The New Heaven 2:13b-15

“. . . we wait for the new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness will dwell.
14 Therefore, dear friends, while you wait for these things, make every effort to be found at peace with Him without spot or blemish. 15 to execute judgment on all and to convict them of all their ungodly acts that they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things ungodly sinners have said against Him.

       B    The Deception of Troublemakers . . Walking According to Their Own Desires. 2:16-19

16 These people are discontented grumblers, walking according to their desires; their mouths utter arrogant words, flattering people for their own advantage.
17 But you, dear friends, remember what was predicted by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;
18 they told you, In the end time there will be scoffers walking according to their own ungodly desires.
19 These people create divisions and are unbelievers, not having the Spirit.

       In Simon’s day and in ours we wait for the return of the Lord. But Simon instructs us as we wait to make

       every effort to be at peace with the Lord without spot or blemish. We know He gives us His Spirit to

       empower us for such a lifestyle. In fact as any of us face strong temptations we can count on His power to

       withstand the Devil. If we depend on Him we will not be walking in the flesh or according to it’s desires.

       Simon tells us these trouble makers will create divisions flattering people for their ulterior motives.


3.   Living with Troublemakers Be . . Delighted with Positive Responses. Jude 20-23

      A    During the Deception of Troublemakers Build Yourself in the . . Most Holy Faith. 2:20-21

20 But you, dear friends, as you build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit,
21 keep yourselves in the love of God, expecting the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life.

      B    During the Deception of Troublemakers Have . . Mercy on Those who Doubt. 2:22-23

22 Have mercy on those who doubt;
23 save others by snatching themfrom the fire; have mercy on others but with fear, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

If and when trouble makers abound we need to delight ourselves in positive responses of our most holy faith. We are to build ourselves up in this faith. One of our magazines had a chart that indicated more Christians walk their dog than read their Bible every day. All Christian need regular Bible study, prayer and witnessing. This exercise will also help us show mercy of those who doubt. Some need to be snatched away from the Devils place’s of sin. The strong can do that.


4.   Living with Troublemakers Be . . Dependent on the Lord. Jude 24-25

      A    During the Deception of Troublemakers Lean on Him who is . . Able. 2:24

24 Now to Him who is able to protect you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory, blameless and with great joy,


      B    During the Deception of Troublemakers Lean on Him who Has . . Authority. 2:25

25 to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power, and authority before all time, now and forever. Amen.

       Is your God able to deliver you? Then do you strike a poise of dependance by leaning on Him? He is able

       and we prove that over and over again thorough our action that show we believe He is able. Let me suggest

       some simple ways we can prove we believe He is able. We tithe, we witness, we study to learn and grow.

I recognize I am a person who likes to follow authority. To me it is enough to say the Bible says so. I want to know what authority is behind the rules and regulations. Jesus is the authority of my salvation and I know I am saved because of what He did and does. Because that is true I don’t worry about Living with Troublemakers. Amen? Amen!