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Live Righteously     Psa. 112:1-10     Nov. 15, 2009



       If a person lives righteously how does that demonstrate itself? It shows in the priority, pleasure and positive trust of this person. One commentator calls attention to 21 qualities in the life of righteous people in these verses. They include these, their children are blessed, wealth comes to them, they will have light in darkness, they will not be shaken, they do not fear bad news, their heart is established, they are generous. It pays to Live Righteously.


1.   Live Righteously With A . . Priority On God. 112:1

       A.   A Priority Of . . Reverential Awe Of God. 1:a

              “. . .1 Hallelujah! Happy is the man who fears the Lord, . . .”


       B.   A Priority Of . . Respect For The Commandments Of God. 1:b

              “. . . taking great delight in His commandments.”

       The Bible indicates the emotion of happiness will be associated with a person who sets a priority on God, and fears the Lord with a reverential fear. The fear of the Lord does not need to be a horror type of fear. God is the God of love. Parents must never cause their children to flinch when he or she raises their hand. The child needs to expect a loving rebuke when he or she did wrong with an attitude of love and respect because of a proper love relationship. The parents attitude toward God will teach children how to relate to them. A priority of respect in obedience to the commandments of God goes a long way in demonstrating righteousness and respect for Him.


2.   Live Righteously With The . . Pleasure In Serving God and Man. 112:2-5

A.    Pleasure Derived From The . . Power Of God. 112:2

2 His descendants will be powerful in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.


B.    Pleasure Derived From The . . Provisions Of God. 112:3-4a

3 Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. 4 Light shines in the darkness for the upright.”


C.    Pleasure Derived From The . . Practices Of Man. 112:4b-5

“He is gracious, compassionate, and righteous. 5 Good will come to a man who lends generously and conducts his business fairly.”

       Do you like to see people who take pleasure in serving God? To recognize His power, provisions, and practices, motivates one to experience pleasure in serving Him. Blessings may flow from His power and the power He gives to us, and the upright will be blessed. Has God provided for you and your family as you took a stand to follow the Lord in an act of righteousness? God knows how to bless us. The righteous person desires to be gracious with his fellow man because God provided for him. A man in business who practices righteousness in all the areas of His personal business endeavors will build a good name for himself and bring honor to the God for whom he stands.


3.   Live Righteously With The . . Positive Trust In The Lord. 112:6 -10

       A.   A Positive Trust That Is . .Confident In The Lord. 112:6-7

       6 He will never be shaken. The righteous will be remembered forever. 7 He will not fear bad news; his

       heart is confident, trusting in the Lord.  


       B.   A Positive Trust That Will . .Confound The Wicked. 112:8-10

8 His heart is assured; he will not fear. In the end he will look in triumph on his foes. 9 He distributes

       freely to the poor; his righteousness endures forever. His horn will be exalted in honor. 10 The wicked

       man will see it and be angry; he will gnash his teeth in despair. The desire of the wicked will come to

       nothing. (HCSB)

              It thrills me to see a positive Christian with a godly confidence. This person believes the promises of

       God and desires to trust Him in the midst of what some will call bad news. The text says the people living

       righteously will never be shaken, the book of Hebrews tell us there are things which cannot be shaken

       (Heb 12:27-28), and the righteous are like that. This obvious blessing on these people will confound the

       wicked. They gnash their teeth and hate to see God’s blessings placed upon His people. The things the

       wicked desires will eventually come to nothing, The Bible tells us it pays to Live Righteously. Amen?