When God Calls     Gen. 12:1-9 HCSB     Oct. 18, 2015



When a person receives a call from God many different responses are noted in the Bible but Abram responded quicker than many.  As quick examples Moses made excuses, and many modern men are similar in response.  Personally I had dropped out of High School and felt I could not be a preacher because all the ministers of our church were seminary trained.  I resisted until It was very obvious I was being called by God and He could guide me about my education.  He did and today I have two seminary degrees.  These degrees were made possible as God uniquly provided the open doors I needed.  So I think the bottom line is, do you know God is calling?  If so get with it just like Abram did.


1.   When God Calls . . He Gives A . . Clear Call.   1-3

A.   A Clear Call Answered . . Rapidly.   11:1

1     The Lord said to Abram: Go out from your land  your  relatives ,and your father's house to the land that

I will show you.


B.    A Clear Call Answered and . . Rewarded.   2-3

2 I will make you into a great nation, I will bless you, I will make your name great, and you will

be a blessing.

3 I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who treat you with contempt, and all the peoples

on earth will be blessed through you.


It is my opinion that Abram heard more from God than what is recorded.  Never-the-less Abram answered

quickly.  Abram knew he would leave the land he lived in, and his family.  God promised to make Abram a great nation. To bless him and make him a blessing to others.  He will become one through whom God will bless all the peoples of the world.  Today do you think God is calling you?  Why?  I would advise you to talk with your pastor and perhaps other pastors. This was helpful for me.  Today we understand this blessing to Abram includes, Jesus the Virgin born Son of God.  Today the people of Israel have a special place in their heart for Abraham even though many of them do not believe Jesus is their Messiah.  It is surprising to Christians that so many Jews have not acknowledged Jesus as their Messiah and Lord.



2.   When God Calls . . He Expects A . . Clear Response.      4-9

A.   A Clear Call Answered . . Responsibly.      4-5

4 So Abram went, as the Lord had told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was 75 years old when he

left Haran.

5 He took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the possessions they had accumulated, and the people he

had acquired in Haran, and they set out for the land of Canaan. When they came to the land of Canaan,


B.    A Clear Call Answered . . Respectfully.      6-7

6 Abram passed through the land to the site of Shechem, at the oak of Moreh. At that time the Canaanites

were in the land.

7 But the Lord appeared to Abram and said, "I will give this land to your offspring." So he built an altar

there to the Lord who had appeared to him.


C.   A Clear Call Answered . . Reverently.      8-9

8 From there he moved on to the hill country east of Bethel and pitched his tent, with Bethel on the

west and Ai on the east. There he built an altar to the Lord and worshiped Him.

9 Then Abram journeyed by stages to the Negev.  HCSB


When God calls and there is no doubt about it there needs to be a response to what He leads you to do.  Sometimes the steps of faith you take lead to other steps of faith and a growing maturity.  Abram was given a new country for him and his offspring to call his land.  Today the land of Israel is certainly a blessed land as you see the crops and all they do and have done.  It shows the hand of God and His plans for the future.

As he traveled he stopped in several places to praise and worship the Lord.  The building of altars is significant

as the experience of worship took place.  When we see significant numbers of people involved in worship it is not surprising t.o hear of significant happenings related to the people and community because they have really been worshiping the Lord, and being obedient to Him.  All of these things happen when people obey When God Calls!    Amen?  Amen!