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God Is Faithful      Psa. 105:7-11; 106:6-7, 19-21, 40-45      Sept. 20, 2009


If you promise your children something good that they really want, they will remember it. If you forget he

or she will remember and plead, “but you promised.” I always wanted to say to my children how come you did not remember the punishment I promised if you disobeyed. I do not remember getting an answer to that question. God makes us promises for blessing and for punishment and God Is Faithful to do everything He promised.


1.   God Is Faithful In His . . Promises. Ps 105:7-11

       A.   God Is Faithful In His Promised . . Covenant. 105:7-9

            7 He is the LORD our God; His judgments govern the whole earth. 8 He forever remembers His

covenant, the promise He ordained for a thousand generations — 9 the covenant He made with Abraham, swore to Isaac,


      B.   God Is Faithful In His Promises and . . Confirms Them. 105:10-11

10 and confirmed to Jacob as a decree and to Israel as an everlasting covenant: 11 "I will give the land

of Canaan to you as your inherited portion."

              How long will God honor the promises of His covenant? If God says it you may believe it represents a reality. God never broke a covenant. Did you ever talk to someone about God’s offer of forgiveness and he/she did not believe He would forgive their sin? I know of no one who sincerely confessed and repented that God refused to forgive. It is good for people to believe their sin makes a problem but it is not good to focus more on our sin than on the ability of our Savior. Jesus can save to the uttermost. One evangelist said He saves from the “guttermost to the uttermost.” God Is Faithful.


2.   God Is Faithful In His . . Patience. Ps 106:6-7, 19-21

       A.   God Is Faithful In His Patience Even Through . . Faithless Rebellion. 106:6-7

6 Both we and our fathers have sinned; we have gone astray and have acted wickedly. 7 Our fathers in

Egypt did not grasp the significance of Your wonderful works or remember Your many acts of faithful love;

instead, they rebelled by the sea — the Red Sea.


       B.   God Is Faithful In His Patience Even Through . . Failed Recollection. 106:19-21

              19 At Horeb they made a calf and worshiped the cast metal image. 20 They exchanged their glory

for the image of a grass-eating ox. 21 They forgot God their Savior, who did great things in Egypt,

       God’s patience remains one of His attributes that causes me much amazement. I do not understand how God will tolerate the blasphemy He tolerates. When I think about His patience I must be grateful He allows His patience to tolerate my lapses and failures. God expressed patience during the times of Israel’s faithlessness. They rebelled by the Red Sea, and in the wilderness desired a golden calf to be formed so they could bow down to it. How can you make something worthy of worship? They failed to recall all God provided for them and the way He brought them on their journey and across the Red Sea on dry ground. Through all of this God was patient.


3.   God Is Faithful In His . . Pardoning. Ps 106:40-45

       A.   God Is Faithful In His Pardoning Through His . . Rescuing Love. 106:40-43

              40 Therefore the LORD's anger burned against His people, and He abhorred His own inheritance.

41 He handed them over to the nations; those who hated them ruled them. 42 Their enemies oppressed them,

and they were subdued under their power. 43 He rescued them many times, but they continued to rebel deliberately and were beaten down by their sin.


       B.   God Is Faithful In His Pardoning Through His . . Relenting Memory. 106:44-45

44 When He heard their cry, He took note of their distress, 45 remembered His covenant with them,

and relented according to the abundance of His faithful love.    HCSB

       There is a famous story of a man being granted a pardon but refusing to believe he had been pardoned.

A judge ruled a pardon is not a pardon unless it is accepted. God’s love can pardon, but it must be accepted. God pardons because He relents (repents) in accordance with His love. The word repent has more meanings than the kind of repentance a man must do. The Bible tells us God does not repent. Here it says He did. How do we explain that? Newer translations say God relented. That may help some as it takes away the need to repent of evil like man must do. Whatever is the satisfactory answer we need to realize the word means to feel remorse or contrition and that does not have to include evil. It does not represent an error in scripture if you simply use one of the other normal definitions of the word. The bottom line remains, God Is Faithful. Amen? Amen!