Building Our Faith†††† 1 Peter 2:1-10††† Sept. 18, 2016





1. Building Our Faith with . . Spiritual Milk.††† 1 Peter 2:1-3

We are told in building our faith we are to lay aside five activities; 1. wickedness,2.deceit, 3. Hypocrisy, 4. envy, and 5. slander.We can certainly understand those traits are not attractive or appealing for the Christian

lifestyle.In a positive sense we have activities to desire to include in our standard for Growth.The milk referred to in this verse is the Word of God and is a standard for the Christian.The author says we have tasted that the Lord is good and that is proven through our many experiences with Him in addition to learning His word.†† Growing Christians always spend time in the reading and studying of Godís word.It is a basic for everyone from a new born to a senior adult or we donít have a building faith.For all of us have tasted the Lord is Good.


2. Building Our Faith with A . . Spiritual House.††† 1 Peter 2:4-8

Our Spiritual House is the building of a spiritual life started with Christ the Living Stone and through Hin we become living stones.We become a priesthood and may offer spiritual sacrifices that through Christ

are acceptable to God.We can pray for other people and help them come to faith in Christ.Can you think of some that you have led to Christ.I mean they are Christians today because you witnessed to them.What a way for God to use you.Leading others to Christ also builds you up and causes you t grow ans desire other was to grow as you serve the Lord.Christ is called a Living stone, Corner Stone, Rejected and Stumbling Stone. But when you know Christ He is the Rock of Ages and your faith is built on Him.


3.††† Building Our Faith with . . Spirit1ual People.†† 1 Peter 2:9-10

Many facets of the spiritual life call on us to know we are being surrounded by spiritual people.The fact these persons know they have experiences with the Lord and want to share them draws other Christians to gather around that atmosphere.These people love to praise the Lord in song and as the Word of God is preached.These people want the fellowship of those who gather together in the Lordís name because they want to praise the Lord and hear him praised.It can not be just emotion but centered in the Word and fine music and the evangelistic emphasis where others and being drawn to the faith and salvation through the Lord Jesus.It is a place where people are working together for Building Our Faith.Amen?†† Amen!

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