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These lesson are originally prepared to be in the Pathway News Journal; the official News Journal
of the Missouri Baptist Convention.   Don Hinkle is the editor. 

Have Faith     Heb 2:5-18      September 10, 2006


       Certainly we are to have faith, and that faith should increase through all the years we live on this earth. As

we look over the design of God recorded in His Word we envision a projected, present, powerful, and proven plan. As we look at this plan of God it becomes easier to Have Faith.


1.   Have Faith In The . . Projected Plan of God. 2:5-8 


       A.   The . . Submission Related To Angels In The Projected Plan. 2:5

              5 For He has not subjected to angels the world to come that we are talking about.


       B.   The . . Situation Related To Mankind In The Projected Plan. 2:6-7

6 But one has somewhere testified: What is man, that You remember him, or the son of

              man, that You care for him?

              7 You made him lower than the angels for a short time; You crowned him with glory

              and honor


       C.   The . . Subjection Related To Everything In The Projected Plan. 2:8

8 and subjected everything under his feet. For in subjecting everything to him, He left nothing not subject to him. As it is, we do not yet see everything subjected to him.


       In the Old Testament we receive the projected plan of God for mankind. Mankind’s original design included being a little lower than the angels, but man, not the angels, will ultimately rule with Christ. The projected plan had, and has, angels in a submissive role. The situation related to man is somewhat surprising. The Psalmist asked; “What is man, that You remember him, or the son of man, that You care for him?” Do you agree with the inquiry of that question? Notice that even though man was created a little lower than the angels he will ultimately be crowned with glory and honor. This must be a matter of mercy and grace. Amen? In verse eight we note that man’s authority originally extended over everything. Of course we acknowledge that this happened before mankind sinned.


2.   Have Faith In The . . Present Plan of God. 2:9-13


       A.   The . . Sight of the Present Plan. 2:9a

9 But we do see Jesus—made lower than the angels for a short time so that by God’s grace He might

              taste death for everyone . . .”


       B.   The . . Sufferings of the Present Plan. 2:9b-10

“. . . crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death.

              10 For it was fitting, in bringing many sons to glory, that He, for whom and through whom all things

              exist, should make the source of their salvation perfect through sufferings.


       C.   The . . Sanctifying of the Present Plan. 2:10

11 For the One who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one Father. That is why He is not

              ashamed to call them brothers,


       D.   The . . Singing of the Present Plan. 2:10

12 saying: I will proclaim Your name to My brothers; I will sing hymns to You in the congregation.

              13 Again, I will trust in Him. And again, Here I am with the children God gave Me.

              In the midst of all the good things the writer says about mankind he exclaims; “But we do see Jesus.”

This begins the present plan, and it includes the sight of Jesus, His sufferings, His sanctifying, and His children singing. The sight of Jesus reveals that He took the form of humanity for a short time so He could “taste death for everyone.” Therefore in the present plan we know about Christ’ sufferings, and how they make the perfect

plan of salvation. The sanctification of the plan allows us to be called His children. So we sing His praises, and

praise Him through others He allows us to lead to His saving grace. Glory!


3.   Have Faith In The . . Powerful Plan of God. 2:14-17


       A.   The . . Destructive Power of the Plan. 2:14

              14 Now since the children have flesh and blood in common, He also shared in these, so that through

              His death He might destroy the one holding the power of death—that is, the Devil— 15 and free those

              who were held in slavery all their lives by the fear of death.


       B.   The . . Decisive Power of the Plan. 2:14

              16 For it is clear that He does not reach out to help angels, but to help Abraham’s offspring.


       C.   The . . Dependable Power of the Plan. 2:17

              17 Therefore He had to be like His brothers in every way, so that He could become a merciful and

              faithful high priest in service to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people.

       As we express positively the power of God’s plan we may emphasize it’s destruction, decisiveness, and dependability. The plan of God destroys death’s hold on mankind. No Christian needs to fear death. The

details of how we die may concern us, but the actuality of death, in God’s timing, can be welcomed. It is the decision of the Lord to create angels who do not die, so He does not reach out to help them, but does to help His children. Obviously this is a dependable plan, and allows a propitiation for our sins. Propitiation allows God

to be satisfied and that is why no other plan accomplishes salvation for mankind.


4.   Have Faith In The . . Proven Plan of God. 2:18


       A.   The . . Person Of the Proven Plan. 2:18a

              18 For since He Himself was tested and has suffered,...”


       B.   The . . Privilege of The Proven Plan. 2:18a

“. . . He is able to help those who are tested.”

       This plan is proven in it’s Person, and privileges. Of course the Person is Jesus as “He Himself was tested.”

It is a privilege to allow Him to work in and through us as we are tested. Therefore, we rejoice as we Have Faith. Amen? Amen!