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Can I Keep on Going?      Eccl.7:11-18; 8:10-12, 16-17     HCSB Aug. 11, 2013



       When you get some years behind you there may come a time when you ask how long will I live? I did not think I would live as long as I have and certainly ask how long, Can I Keep on Going?   
I know my life and the days of it are in the Lord’s hands and I am very much at ease with that truth. 


1.   Can I Keep on Going? Yes, Accept Godly . . Wisdom. 7:11-14

       A.   Accept Godly Wisdom and the . . Preservation of Wisdom. 7:11-12

11 Wisdom is as good as an inheritance, and an advantage to those who see the sun.

       12 For wisdom is protection as money is protection, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom

       preserves the life of its owner.


       B.   Accept Godly Wisdom and the . . Planning of God. 7:13-14

13 Consider the work of God; for who can straighten out what He has made crooked?

       14 In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity, consider: without question, God has made

       the one as well as the other, so that man cannot discover anything that will come after him.

       Did you ever think that wisdom causes preservation? This preservation comes from the correct effects of wisdom and the following of it’s guidance. I believe many of us have witnessed someone doing some activity in life without the wisdom God gives. Then someone comes along and does the same activity but uses the God given wisdom He provided. The use of His wisdom caused a big difference. All of us want to give God the credit for one set of activity but not some other activities. The text tells us, “God has made the one as well as the other,. . .” It is more probable that all of us can keep on going if we recognize God’s actions and His approval.


2.   Can I Keep on Going? Yes, Avoid . . Wickedness and Foolish Extremes. 7:15-18

       A.   Accept Godly Wisdom but . . Reject the Extreme of Self Righteousness. 7:15-16

15 Avoiding Extremes In my futile life I have seen everything: there is a righteous man who perishes in

       spite of his righteousness, and there is a wicked man who lives long in spite of his evil.

       16 Don't be excessively righteous, and don't be overly wise. Why should you destroy yourself?


       B.   Accept Godly Wisdom but . . Rationalize about Wisdom. 7:17-18

17 Don't be excessively wicked, and don't be foolish. Why should you die before your time?

       18 It is good that you grasp the one and do not let the other slip from your hand. For the one who fears God

       will end up with both of them.

       My mom used to say ,”self praise stinks.” Through the years I have seen the evidence of that statement.

       Solomon must have also, as he comments about that kind of excess and he suggested those actions might

       even hasten your time of death. A proper fear of God is like an abundance of reverence. Some

       things we ought not allow to become habits in our life but a lofty acknowledgment of God ought to be a

       consistent practice of our lifestyle. As I discussed some common practices of many humans with another

       Christian he said, “how can we expect God’s blessing if we are so lax about sin.


3.   Can I Keep on Going? Yes, Apply Godly . . Wisdom. 8:10-12, 16-17

       A.   Apply Godly Wisdom and be . . Reverent before God. 8:10-12

       10 In such circumstances, I saw the wicked buried. They came and went from the holy place, and they were

       praised in the city where they did so. This too is futile.

       11 Because the sentence against a criminal act is not carried out quickly, therefore the heart of people is

       filled with the desire to commit crime.

       12 Although a sinner commits crime a hundred times and prolongs his life, yet I also know that it will go

       well with God-fearing people, for they are reverent before Him.


       B.   Apply Godly Wisdom and . . Recognize the Works of God. 8:16-17

16 When I applied my mind to know wisdom and to observe the activity that is done on the earth (even

       though one's eyes do not close in sleep day or night),

       17 I observed all the work of God and concluded that man is unable to discover the work that is done under

       the sun. Even though a man labors hard to explore it, he cannot find it; even if the wise man claims to know

       it, he is unable to discover it.

       Have you ever wondered why God allows some seemingly very sinful people to prosper in the goods of this world? I don’t always understand the actions of God but I usually remember the words of Isa 55:8-9 8 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways." This is the LORD's declaration. 9 "For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” On many occasions we need to recognize the ways and works of the Lord. He does not need to ask any of us how to do His work. We need to be submissive and reverent before Him. This is a way to know the answer to the lessons question: Can I Keep on Going? Amen? Amen!