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What Do I Do Now?      Job.31:5-6,9-10,13-17,24-30,33-34       June 30, 2013


      Job is an amazing Biblical character. In all of life situations he really gave a very good example of how one ought to relate to life’s experiences and needs.


1.   What Do I Do Now . . Be Honest and Faithful. 31:5-6, 9-10

       A.   Be Honest and Faithful . . Check Me with an Accurate Balance. 31:5-6

       5 If I have walked in falsehood or my foot has rushed to deceit,

       6 let God weigh me with an accurate balance, and He will recognize my integrity.


       B.   Be Honest and Faithful . . Check My Conduct. 31:9-10

       9 If my heart has been seduced by my neighbor's wife or I have lurked at his door,

       10 let my own wife grind grain for another man, and let other men sleep with her.

       Job stood up to his friends and their accusations by telling them to weigh him in an accurate balance. He was willing to face all kinds of test to prove his innocence. To make his point he even offered to have his wife grind at the gate which was some of the lowest work a slave girl would do. He was willing for her to be thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Job was sort of at his wits end and was asking “What Do I Do Now?” If you or I ever get to this point it will be good if we can be this certain of our innocence.


2.   What Do I Do Now . . Be Fair and Merciful. 31:13-17

       A.   Be Fair and Merciful . . Recognize God Is Creator. 31:13-15-

      13 If I have dismissed the case of my male or female servants when they made a complaint against me,

       14 what could I do when God stands up to judge? How should I answer Him when He calls me to account?

       15 Did not the One who made me in the womb also make them? Did not the same God form us both in the



       B.   Be Fair and Merciful . . Recognize the Needs of Other. 31:16-17

16 If I have refused the wishes of the poor or let the widow's eyes go blind,

       17 if I have eaten my few crumbs alone without letting the fatherless eat any of it —


       Job states he has not mistreated his servants and if they made complaints against him he treated them as creations of God just like himself. He further recognizes God would be the Judge and he recognizes His knowledge and fairness as a Judge. Job also registers his knowledge of how a person should treat the poor and all widows. If he knows of someone without food he will be willing to let the hungry share in his..


3.   What Do I Do Now . . Be Focused on God. 31:24-28

       A.   Be Focused on God Not On . . Gold. 31:24-25

24 If I placed my confidence in gold or called fine gold my trust,

       25 if I have rejoiced because my wealth is great or because my own hand has acquired so much,


       B.   Be Focused on God Not On Our . . Gaze. 31:26-28

       26 if I have gazed at the sun when it was shining or at the moon moving in splendor,

       27 so that my heart was secretly enticed and I threw them a kiss,

       28 this would also be a crime deserving punishment, for I would have denied God above.

       Gold or wealth has a way of making an appeal to people. It causes some to desire it more than God. Job knew what it was to be wealthy but he did not let it get the best of him. He gave a good example of a one who worshiped God rather than gold. Job also confessed he knew about the sun and how powerful it was. He implied he knew about some expressing worship to it. He also mentions a similar thought about moon worship. He knew this would be denying God. He recognized anyone who does that deserved punishment. He knew about desires and wanted his to have their focus on God.


4.   What Do I Do Now . . Be Compassionate and Understanding. 31:29-30, 33-34

       A.   Be Compassionate and Understanding . . Appreciate Others. 31:29-30

29 Have I rejoiced over my enemy's distress, or become excited when trouble came his way?

       30 I have not allowed my mouth to sin by asking for his life with a curse.


       B.   Be Compassionate and Understanding . . Announce Your Concerns. 31:33-34

33 Have I covered my transgressions as others do by hiding my guilt in my heart,

       34 because I greatly feared the crowds, and the contempt of the clans terrified me, so I grew silent and

       would not go outside? HCSB

       Job expressed an interest in being compassionate with others. He did not cast a curse nor desire one to be cast upon another’s life. Job did not try to keep silent about his activities that might be misinterpreted by others.

Nor did Job try to hide his actions as to conceal any of his activities. Job believed he could be open and honest because he had not done wrong in all the areas some were accusing him. If he asked What Do I Do Now he would answer be as honest an open as you can be and trust God. Amen! Amen!