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Look To God For Wisdom Job 28:1-4, 12-13, 15-16, 20-23, 26-28 June 25, 2006



The Bible tells us if we lack wisdom to ask God for it. (James 1:5) On my prayer list I have a note to ask

for wisdom. There have been a few occasions in my life where people came up and said “you really shared some wisdom on this matter.” I never took pride in those times but thanked the Lord for the wisdom He places in my life. Now I have done many “dumb” things that I take credit for all by myself, but if I share wisdom it is of the Lord for we must Look To God For Wisdom?


1.   Look To God Because of the . . Limitation of Finding Wisdom. 28:1-4, 12


              A.   The . . Mining Limitation. 28:1-4

1 Surely there is a mine for silver and a place where gold is refined. 2 Iron is taken from the ground, and copper is smelted from ore. 3 A miner puts an end to the darkness; he probes the deepest recesses for ore in the gloomy darkness. 4 He cuts a shaft far from human habitation, [in places] unknown to those who walk above ground. Suspended far away from people, the miners swing back and forth.


              B.   The . . Mystifying Limitation.      28:12

                     12 But where can wisdom be found, and where is understanding located?

       Many times in church activities the lack of wisdom displays itself because we look at the wrong resources for wisdom. We mine for many resources, and depend upon the skill of mining operations for much of what we use in everyday life, but not for wisdom. After hearing much supposed wisdom from friends, and others, Job asked; “where can wisdom be found?” There is a mystifying quality about wisdom in our world, and none of Job’s friends found it.


2.   Look To God Because of the . . Luxury of Finding Wisdom. 28:13, 15-16


              A.   Wisdom’s Value Makes It An . . Unknown Luxury. 28:13 & 15

13 No man can know its value, since it cannot be found in the land of the living. 15 Gold cannot be exchanged for it, and silver cannot be weighed out for its price.


              B.   Wisdom’s Value Makes It An . . Unique Luxury. 28:16

16 Wisdom cannot be valued in the gold of Ophir, in precious onyx or sapphire.

       Wisdom is too seldom seen being displayed in our world; it is an unusual luxury It’s value is not like gold, silver, or precious stones. It is impossible for us to purchase it regardless of our wealth. Wisdom is therefore a unique luxury. Only foolish people think money can buy everything they need. I have been told in some Baptist Church business meetings many people look to a particular couple to see how they will vote because they possess much wealth. Some incorrectly think gold and silver represent wisdom. Job, a wealth man, makes it clear he knew wisdom did not come from personal wealth.


3.   Look To God Because of the . . Location of Finding Wisdom. 28:20-21, 22-2416 


            A.   Wisdom’s Location Hidden from the . . Living. 28:20-21

20 Where then does wisdom come from, and where is understanding located? 21 It is hidden from

              the eyes of every living thing and concealed from the birds of the sky.


              B.   Wisdom’s Location Hidden from the . . Lifeless. 28:22

22 .Abaddon and Death say, “We have heard news of it with our ears.”


              C.   Wisdom’s Location Revealed To the . . lowly. 28:23, 26-27

23 But God understands the way to wisdom, and He knows its location. 26 when He established a

              limit for the rain and a path for the lightning, 27 He considered wisdom and evaluated it; He

              established it and examined it. 28 He said to mankind, “Look! The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,

              and to turn from evil is understanding.”

       If you look for wisdom residing in the living you will not find it, that includes human, animal, and bird life,

Job also considers the dead and declares wisdom is not resident there. Today some may quote the sayings of deceased people and share some of their words. If the words were wise; God gave them; they did not originate from the dead. Why do some people try to talk to the dead? Do you know of a wise person who tried to do that? I have only known really flaky people who ever tried it. They may be seeking wisdom, but they will not find true wisdom. The only source of wisdom is God, and He gives it freely to those who reverentially fear Hum, and humbly seek it. The location of wisdom resides in the Lord, so we should Look To God For Wisdom. Amen? Amen! (For addition information see