Faithful MAL. 2:10-17 HCSB May 24, 2015


       The call for faithfulness is always needed because all of us have wavered in our faithfulness to God at some time. But what the people in Malachi’s day did is horrible. How can people allow worship to a pagan god in the Temple of God and even have prostitutes of other gods leading in worship to idols. All categories of men participated including priest. It was a very sad day and certainly not a day of faithfulness. I have heard from my youth that the people never rise above their leaders. Today when you see denominations declining and then vote

nationally to change their standards to allow non-biblical practices you see the effects of leaders not being faithful.


1.    The Illustration of The Lack of . . Faithful Obedience. 2:10-12

       A.   Illustrations of . . Profaning the Covenant. 2:10-11

10 Don't all of us have one Father? Didn't one God create us? Why then do we act treacherously against one

another, profaning the covenant of our fathers?

11 Judah has acted treacherously, and a detestable thing has been done in Israel and in Jerusalem. For Judah has profaned the Lord's sanctuary, which He loves, and has married the daughter of a foreign god.


       B.   Illustration of . . Prohibited Offerings. 2:12

12 To the man who does this, may the Lord cut off any descendants from the tents of Jacob, even if they

present an offering to the Lord of Hosts.

       Have you heard people state a doubt about there being a God over all of us who has a covenant and commandments? When we water down the Word of God that is when all kinds of man made practices take place. The Lord is not pleased with this lack of faithfulness. If we do not honor the covenants and commands of God then most anything will gain approval. The Lord promised to the people of Malachi’s day that He would cut them off even if they presented offerings to Him. There is a lack of humility as they thought the Lord would accept their offerings. They acted as if God was a man in need of what they could give. Have you seen people today who will vote in favor of a person with money? Have you seen people with money think they should be treated differently?


2.    The Illustrations of the Lack of . . Faithfulness and Obedience In Marriage. 2:13-16

       A.   Illustration of . . Disrespect of Offerings. 2:13-14

13 And this is another thing you do: you cover the Lord's altar with tears, with weeping and groaning,

because He no longer respects your offerings or receives them gladly from your hands.

14 Yet you ask, "For what reason?" Because the Lord has been a witness between you and the wife of your youth. You have acted treacherously against her, though she was your marriage partner and your wife by covenant.


       B.   Illustration of . . Divorcing Injustly. 2:15-16

15 Didn't the one God make us with a remnant of His life-breath? And what does the One seek? A godly

offspring. So watch yourselves carefully, and do not act treacherously against the wife of your youth.

16 "If he hates and divorces his wife," says the Lord God of Israel, "he covers his garment with injustice," says the Lord of Hosts. Therefore, watch yourselves carefully, and do not act treacherously.

       Their was a lack of unfaithfulness in marriage. God was not pleased at the lack of faithfulness in the marriage relationships and says you have acted treacherously. God no longer wanted to receive their offerings.

Some were coming and expressing and abundance of tears on the altar but they did not represent true sorrow or repentance. Today we call these crocodile tears and do not respect them. We are to watch to see we don’t act that way.


3.    The Illustrations of the Lack of . . Faithfulness in Questioning God’s Justice. 2:17

       A.   Illustration of . . Wearing the Lord. 2:17a

17 You have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet you ask, "How have we wearied Him?"


       B.   Illustration of . . Questioning Where is God’s Justice. 2:17b

When you say, "Everyone who does evil is good in the Lord's sight, and He is pleased with them,"

or "Where is the God of justice?" HCSB

       Do you think the Lord gets weary of the pleas of mankind? When men have no appreciation for following God or His word yet expect Him to appreciate their acts of so called worship which they practice. To many in Malachi’s day and now want to call evils actions good and that they please God. The standard for who God is

must be His Book. We need always to judge justice by the Bible and a strict faithfulness to it. His word is the standard for being Faithful. Amen? Amen!