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Corruption: A Path To Nowhere      Micah 3:1-2, 5-7, 9-12     May 17, 2009



       If we would list the ways America disobeys and rejects the commands and clear teachings of God; how long would our list be? It would be long and I believe will be revealed in our future as the path to corruption.  When a nation disobeys God it leads to the downfall of that nation and a sign could be placed over it asking the question, “how did we get to this terrible place?” The answer would be: Corruption: A Path To Nowhere.


1.   Corruption A Path To . . Degrading Humanity. 3:1-2

       A.   Degrading Humanity In An . . Unjust Manner. 3:1

1 Then I said: "Now listen, leaders of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel. Aren't you supposed to know what is just?


       B.   Degrading Humanity In An . . Unmerciful Manner. 3:2

2 You hate good and love evil. You tear off the skin of people and strip their flesh from their bones.

       Our nation refuses to post the Ten Commandments in our schools and then ask, “how come we experience the shootings we see with some regularly?” The ways of God elevate humanity but rejecting His rules serves to degrade us. In the text the people were asking their leaders, “Aren’t you supposed to know what is right?” But how can leaders who follow manmade ways satisfy what is right? Injustice and sin never upgrades a nation. The farther a nation goes downward the fewer expressions of mercy will be displayed. The acts Micah calls attention too are certainly unmerciful. How can one person rip off the skin of another?


2.   Corruption A Path To . . Darkness For False Prophets. 3:5-7

       A.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused By The . . Sticky Fingers Of The False Prophets. 3:5

5 This is what the LORD says concerning the prophets who lead my people astray, who proclaim peace when they have food to sink their teeth into but declare war against the one who puts nothing in their mouths.


       B.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused The . . Sightlessness Of The False Prophets. 3:6

6 Therefore, it will be night for you — without visions; it will grow dark for you — without divination. The sun will set on these prophets, and the daylight will turn black over them.


       C.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused The . . Silencing Of The False Prophets. 3:7

7 Then the seers will be ashamed and the diviners disappointed. They will all cover their mouths because there will be no answer from God.

       God gives the title of “seer” to His faithful prophets. However when the prophet has sticky fingers and accepts bribes he will fail to see the message provided by God. He becomes sightless and speechless! If a prophet does not receive a message from God what will he say that will inform or inspire? The prophets in the text covered their mouths. Is it a line from Grapes of wrath that has the preacher saying, “If you don’t know something for certain you ain’t a preacher?” These false prophets illustrate that statement by covering their mouth. It is a sad situation when there is no word from God. This week a very prominent minister took a stand that seemed to reverse his earlier position on a matter of righteousness. Righteous people are greatly offended. Then last night I listened to a preacher on television and it seemed every word he spoke containing real help and meaning. No wonder a large number of people respect him as a godly man.


3.   Corruption A Path To . . Destruction For Jerusalem. 3:9-12

       A.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused By The . . Perverted Leaders. 3:9

9 Listen to this, leaders of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel, who abhor justice and pervert everything that is right,


       B.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused By The . . Phony Leaders And Prophets. 3:10-11

10 who build Zion with blood shed and Jerusalem with injustice.11 Her leaders issue rulings for a bribe, her priests teach for payment, and her prophets practice divination for money. Yet they lean on the LORD, saying,"Isn't the LORD among us? No calamity will overtake us."


       C.   The Prophetic Darkness Caused By The . . Pauperization Of Jerusalem And The Temple. 3:12

12 Therefore, because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become ruins, and the hill of the temple mount will be a thicket.

       How can the leaders pervert everything that is right? The simple answer comes from a rejection of God’s law. They twisted and turned God’s word and ways and went after every form of unrighteousness. How can these kind of leaders claim they are led of God and claim He dwells among them? The sound of phoniness echos throughout all they do. It really irks me for some lying perverting person to expect me to believe their character and statements are for real. Their actions lead to a pauperization of a nation and we can summerize their lifestyles with the words: Corruption: A Path To Nowhere