Obedient Acts 8: 26-31. 35, 38-39 HCSB May 01, 2016


       Philip was one of the original deacons and he was very active in sharing His faith. The Holy Spirit specifically told him to go out South of town and join himself to a man in a chariot. He immediately obeyed and the fact of churches in Ethiopia is a historical fact because of his obedience.


1.    Obedient and . . Compelled to Seek. 8:26-29

       A. Compelled by the Spirit to . . Search for A Specific Man. 8:27-27

       26 An angel of the Lord spoke to Philip: "Get up and go south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to

       desert Ga1a."

       27 So he got up and went. There was an Ethiopian man, a eunuch and high official of Candace, queen of the

       Ethiopians, who was in charge of her entire treasury. He had come to worship in Jerusalem

       B. Compelled by the Spirit to . . Join A Specific Man. 8:27-27

       28 and was sitting in his chariot on his way home, reading the prophet Isaiah aloud.

       29 The Spirit told Philip, "Go and join that chariot."

       Does God know where we are and where some lost people who search for Him happen to be? Of course and He will arrange for a witnessing opportunity to take place; today we call them divine Appointments. They

are very meaningful experiences to both parties involved, and the church. This Ethiopian man was a high official of queen Candace of Ethiopia and he made a significant witness for the cause of Christ as he went back to Ethiopia. God knows who will be willing to be a significant witness in our world and how to use them. We need to ask if the Lord would like to use us in a similar way. It is possible and we should be willing to be used by Him just like Philip.


2.    Obedient and . . Charged to Share. 8:30-31, 35

       A. Charged to Share . . Truth of the Scripture. 8:30-31a

       30 When Philip ran up to it, he heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said, "Do you understand what

       you're reading?"

       31 "How can I," he said, "unless someone guides me?"


       B.   Charged to Share and . . Tell the Good News. 8:31b-35

       So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

       35 So Philip proceeded to tell him the good news about Jesus, beginning from that Scripture.

       Philip was sent to a man reading the scripture and he could not understand what he read. What a beautiful situation. This man was eager to understand and Philip knew how to lead him. God can arrange witnessing opportunities for us with equal significance. Philip went from that scripture and preached about Jesus. The Ethiopian wanted to hear about Jesus and actually traveled a very long way to find out about salvation. We enjoy telling about Jesus and the new Christian enjoys hearing this truth. Sometimes it takes longer to share with a person about Jesus but irregardless we need to be faithful in sharing what we know. Many have shared for years before they have seen the person open up to Christ, but our witness can still be very significant.


3.    Obedient and . . Centered on Salvation. 8:38-39

       A.   Centered on Salvation and The . . Correct Manner of Baptizing. 8:38

       38 Then he ordered the chariot to stop, and both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he

       baptized him.



       B.   Centered on Salvation and His . . Crystal Clear Happiness in Jesus. 8:39

       39 When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord carried Philip away, and the eunuch did not

       see him any longer. But he went on his way rejoicing. HCSB

       Phillip wanted the man to understand with clarity the total message of salvation. He did not want the Ethiopian to think baptism completed salvation of was necessary for his salvation to be complete. Baptism comes after your saved. It has no affect on the spiritual quality of people unless they know Jesus has come into their life and changed it. Baptism is the initial rite into the church and it’s membership. Do you know the Bible never says Jesus baptized someone and Paul said he was not sent to baptize? Those who make baptism more important than it should be do it without the backing of Jesus or Paul. Baptists make baptism as important as the Bible does. We insist on immersion and that no one become a member of the church without scriptural baptism. Let’s be Obedient! Amen? Amen!