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Tested Devotion Exo. 16:2-4, 11-15, 18, 32-34 April 11:2010


       This lesson is not so much about devotion unless it is God’s devotion to His people and His promises. The people grumbled and complained. I think there are some people in many groups that are always complaining about something. They most often are negative people. It is refreshing to get away from those people and be around those who speak positively and try to build up the faith and the faithful. Moses tried to be obedient to the Lord’s direction but the people did not appreciate it. God tested the people to see if they would follow. In this sense there is a Tested Devotion.


1.   God Tested Israel’s Devotion Through Their . . Grumbling. 16:2-4

       A.   They Grumbled Against Moses. 16:2

       2 The entire Israelite community grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness.


       B.   They Grumbled About The Food.. 16:3

       3 The Israelites said to them, "If only we had died by the Lord 's hand in the land of Egypt, when we

       sat by pots of meat and ate all the bread we wanted. Instead, you brought us into this wilderness to make

       this whole assembly die of hunger!"


       C.   God Provided In Order To Test Them.     16:4

       4 Then the Lord said to Moses, "I am going to rain bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out

       each day and gather enough for that day. This way I will test them to see whether or not they will follow My


       The people in the text grumbled against Moses. We know Moses was God’s man for the job and these grumblers made his job more difficult. Do you know anyone who grumbles against the leaders of the church?

They make the work more difficult. These people in the text grumbled about the food and the lack of it. If they had focused on the truth they would have realized God would provide as He did. What a sad day when God decides to test our obedience. We need to be obedient in all kinds of circumstances. God wanted His people to go to the promise land and He will see they get their.


2.   God Tested Israel’s Devotion Through Their . . Complaints. Ex 16:11-15, 18

       A.   They Complained And God Heard Them. 16:11-12a

       11 The Lord spoke to Moses, 12 "I have heard the complaints of the Israelites.. . .”


       B.   They Complained And God Miraculously Provided. 16:12b-14

“. . . Tell them: At twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will eat bread until you are full. Then

       you will know that I am the Lord your God." 13 So at evening quail came and covered the camp. In the

       morning there was a layer of dew all around the camp. 14 When the layer of dew evaporated, there on the

       desert surface were fine flakes, as fine as frost on the ground.


       C.   They Complained And God Told Them What He Was Doing Through Moses. 16:15

15 When the Israelites saw it, they asked one another, "What is it?" because they didn't know

       what it was. Moses told them, "It is the bread the Lord has given you to eat.


       D.   They Complained And God Allowed Only A Daily Supply. 16:18

       18 When they measured it by quarts, the person who gathered a lot had no surplus, and the person who

       gathered a little had no shortage. Each gathered as much as he needed to eat.

       I wonder if complainers know God hears their complaints. If they realized this would they complain as much as they do? In spite of their complaints God worked miraculously to provide their needs. They knew this food came by the provision of God. God gave Moses a report of what He was going to do and He did exactly what He told Moses. I believe He was allowing the people to know Moses was His man and He was working through him. It is interesting that God only gave them a one day supply. I believe this made the people build their trust in the Lord. God did not allow anyone to get more in one day than what they needed. You and I need to learn about God’s daily supply for us. In the model prayer Jesus said “Give us this day our daily bread.”


3.   God Tested Israel’s Devotion Through A . . Reminder Of Manna. Ex 16:32-34

       A.   A Reminder Of Two Quarts Of Manna. 16:32-33

       32 Moses said, "This is what the Lord has commanded: 'Two quarts of it are to be preserved throughout

       your generations, so that they may see the bread I fed you in the wilderness when I brought you out of the

       land of Egypt.'" 33 Moses told Aaron, "Take a container and put two quarts of manna in it. Then place it

       before the Lord to be preserved throughout your generations."


       B.   A Reminder Placed Near The Memorial Of The Commandments. 16:34

34 As the Lord commanded Moses, Aaron placed it before the testimony to be preserved. HCSB

       Do you like to go and see memorials? I do. I remember going to the memorial at Pear Harbor and seeing some with tears in their eyes. When we went through the Holocaust museum in Israel Many wept over the memory of that horrible event. God commanded two quarts of manna to be put in jars and placed in the Ark of the Covenant so throughout Israel’s history they would remember what He had done through those days.

Truly this was a time of Tested Devotion. Amen? Amen!