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Be Confident of the Resurrection      Lk. 24:15, 18-27, 30-35
(HCSB)      April 08, 2012


      Our church is giving everyone a copy of The Case for Easter on Easter Sunday. Why would we do that? We want everyone to Be Confident of the Resurrection.                                  


1.   Be Confident as You . . Consider the Possibilities. 24:15, 18-24

       A.   Consider the Possibilities from the . . Request of Jesus. vs 15, 18-21

       15 And while they were discussing and arguing, Jesus Himself came near and began to walk along with


       18 The one named Cleopas answered Him, “Are You the only visitor in Jerusalem who doesn’t know the

       things that happened there in these days?”

       19 “What things?” He asked them. So they said to Him, “The things concerning Jesus the Nazarene, who

       was a Prophet powerful in action and speech before God and all the people,

       20 and how our chief priests and leaders handed Him over to be sentenced to death, and they crucified Him.

       21 But we were hoping that He was the One who was about to redeem Israel. Besides all this, it’s the third

       day since these things happened.


       B.   Consider the Possibilities from the . . Report from Eyewitnesses. vs 22-24

22 Moreover, some women from our group astounded us. They arrived early at the tomb,

       23 and when they didn’t find His body, they came and reported that they had seen a vision of angels who

       said He was alive.

       24 Some of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they

       didn’t see Him.”

       When Jesus came up on these disciples they did not recognize Him. I think He enjoyed asking them, “what things,” as they reasoned about the things they had heard about the resurrection. It had to be humorous and disappointing to Jesus. These disciples tried to explain to Jesus all they had heard. They were both disappointed and very curious. Disappointed because Christ was not the kind of Messiah they anticipated Him to be, as they expected a political-governmental Messiah. They only partially understood the redemptive ministry of Jesus. They were analyzing all they had heard.


2.   Be Confident . . Consulting the Scriptures. Lk. 24:25-27

       A.   Consult the Scriptures and the . . Insight from Jesus. vs 25-26

25 He said to them, “How unwise and slow you are to believe in your hearts all that the prophets have


       26 Didn’t the Messiah have to suffer these things and enter into His glory?”


       B.   Consult the Scriptures and the . . Interpretation from Jesus. vs 27 

       27 Then beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He interpreted for them the things concerning Himself

       in all the Scriptures.

       The Lord gave them some insight to the Scriptural teaching about the Messiah in the Prophets. Then He went to other prophets and the teachings of Moses. What a blessing those teachings must have been. Before our convention had the conservative resurgence I had a professor that did not believe the Old Testament prophesied anything about Jesus. I asked him what do you think the Lord told the disciples on the road to Emmaus. All He said was, “that would be interesting to know wouldn’t it?” It is great today to have Bible believing professors who believe this and all Scripture. The words of Jesus explained Moses and the prophets as they talked about Jesus the Messiah.

3.   Be Confident in Your . .Convictions from the Lord. Lk. 24:30-32

       A.   Be Confident in Your Convictions from the . . Revelation of Jesus. vs 30-31

      30 It was as He reclined at the table with them that He took the bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to


       31 Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him, but He disappeared from their sight.


       B.   Be Confident in Your Convictions from the . . Remembrance of Jesus Teaching. v 32

32 So they said to each other, “Weren’t our hearts ablaze within us while He was talking with us on the road and explaining the Scriptures to us?”

       For a long time I did not understand why the disciples did not recognized Jesus and then how did they finally recognize Him. The answer is so obvious I like many others overlooked the simple truth. Their eyes were opened as Jesus served them the bread. As He opened the bread for them they could see the nail prints in His hands and they knew it had to be the Messiah. As they reflected on what Jesus shared while walking on the road they remembered how their hearts were warmed at His teaching. When He was revealed to them the truth became even more of a joy and a heart warming memory.


4.   Be Confident as You . . Celebrate with Other Believers. Lk. 24:33-35

       A.   Celebrate As You . . Hear Other Believers Confirm Their Experiences. vs 33-34

       33 That very hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem. They found the Eleven and those with them

       gathered together,

       34 who said, “The Lord has certainly been raised, and has appeared to Simon!”


       B.   Celebrate As You Tell What . . Happened to You. v 35

       35 Then they began to describe what had happened on the road and how He was made known to them

       in the breaking of the bread.

       Christianity is a relationship of sharing. We love to hear the experiences of other believers, and to tell the experiences the Lord has given to us. Some times you have to wait to share your story and although the Emmaus disciples enjoyed hearing about Simon they wanted to tell their eyewitness account of the resurrected Christ. Sometimes we fail to appreciate all the scriptures share with us and verse 35 is an example. Why would any of us fail to see the revelation given in this verse? Sometimes we may be so familiar we miss the obvious.

We certainly can Be Confident of the Resurrection. Amen? Amen!