Do You Think You Are Unaccountable?     Isa.17:1-3,7-9;18:1-7     March 26, 2006

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In my opinion many people think they are not accountable to God. Several times I have heard someone

say, AI don=t think God will judge that way.@ If you ask them on what they base their opinion, they will say Ait=s just my opinion, and my opinion is as good as yours.@ The Ten Commandments, and other commands of God are not opinions. So everyone must seriously consider the lessons= question, Do You Think You Are Unaccountable?

1.       Think You Are Unaccountable? Remember The . . Judgment Of God. 17:1-3


          A.  Rember the Judgment of God . . Described In The Cities. 17:1

1 An oracle against Damascus: Look, Damascus is no longer a city. It has becom a

          ruin heap. 2 Thecities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be [places] for flocks. They will lie down without fear.


<>          B.  Remember the Judgment of God . . Declared On The Cities. 17:2-3   
3 The fortress disappears from Ephraim, and a kingdom from Damascus.

          remnant of Aram will be like the splendor of the Israelites.[This is] the declaration of the Lord of Hosts.


God promised judgment and the cities described for all to see what judgment looks like. The mayor of New Orleans said God judged their city, and many people made a joke of his statement. Those I know who have seen the city don=t laugh at the possibility of this being the judgment of God. The people in our text placed their faith in their fortresses, and armament but it disappeared. God declares a special splendor for the faithful remnant of Aram. It teaches accountability, not being unaccountable.



2.       Think You Are Unaccountable? Remember The . . Justice Of God. 17:7-9


            A.   The . . Resolve of the People Seeing The Justice of God. 17:7

7 On that day people will look to their Maker and will turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.

            B.   The . . Rejection of Man Made Objects In Seeing The Justice of God. 17:8-9

       8 They will not look to the altars they made with their hands or to the Asherahs and incense

altars they made with their fingers. 9 On that day their strong cities will be like the abandoned woods and mountaintops that were abandoned because of the Israelites; there will be desolation


The remnant with resolve recognizes the justice of God in His judgments. Their eyes turn to Him. This is so sad that men turn later in their lives rather than at a young age. Of course it is good they did turn. Verse eight points out four areas in which they rejected God. First, they had man made alters, Second, these people had man made gods, Third, they had groves for their false worship, and Forth, they made images to worship the sun. It is great they rejected these false worship practices, but why did they even make then. These people learned the hard way they were not unaccountable to God.




3.       Think You Are Unaccountable? Remember The . . Joyfulness Of God. 18:1-7


A.        Joyfulness Recognizing the . . Plan of the Lord. 18:1-3

1 Ah! The land of buzzing insect wings beyond the rivers of Cush 2 sends envoys by sea, in

reed vessels on the waters. Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and smoothBskinned, to a people feared

near and far, a powerful nation with a strange language, whose land is divided by rivers.

3 All you inhabitants of the world and you who live on the earth, when a banner is raised on the

mountains, look! When a trumpet sounds, listen!

B.        Joyfulness Recognizing the . . Pruning of the Lord. 18:4-5

4 For, the Lord said to me: I will quietly look out from My place, like shimmering heat in

sunshine, like a rain cloud in harvest heat. 5 For before the harvest, when the blossoming is over and the

blossom becomes a ripening grape, He will cut off the shoots with a pruning knife, and tear away and

remove the branches.

C.        Joyfulness Recognizing the . . Power of the Lord. 18:6-7

6 They will all be left for the birds of prey on the hills and for the wild animals of the land. The

birds will spend the summer on them, and all the animals, the winter on them. 7 At that time a gift will

be brought to the Lord of Hosts from a people tall and smooth-skinned, a people feared near and far, a

powerful nation with a strange language, whose land is divided by riversCto Mount Zion, the place of

the name of the Lord of Hosts.

I find joy in the plan, pruning, and power of the Lord reported through these verses. The commentators I respect say this section of scripture most likely refers to Ethiopia. Part of the reason they think this comes form the land of Cush being called Ethiopia in other places. At the same time you may find some suggesting Brittan, and some even suggest the United States of America. So I find it difficult to give any firm or dogmatic interpretation to this passage. Our study course book of a few years ago does not even deal with this passage of scripture, but then 66 chapters are difficult to cover in a book the size of our January Bible Study Books. Some interpret these verses to not have a complete fulfillment until the Lord comes again, and sets up his kingdom. If that is true it certainly will be a time of Joy. When we see how God through the ages has worked His plans it certainly makes us want to answer positively the question: Do You Think You Are Unaccountable? Amen? Amen!