Return To The Restoring God Neh. 9:32-37 HCSB Feb. 15, 2015



       When we stop to analyze God’s willingness to forgive we should be amazed. These people admit to being very rebellious, and in spite of that God was willing to accept their repentance and pledge of covenant and grant them forgiveness. We serve a God full of grace.


1.    Return To The Restoring and . . Righteous God. 9:32-33

A.   Righteous in . . All His Actions. v 32

32 So now, our God—the great, mighty, and awe-inspiring God who keeps His gracious covenant—do not

       view lightly all the hardships that have afflicted us our kings and leaders, our priests and prophets, our

       ancestors and all Your people, from the days of the Assyrian kings until today.


B.   Righteous in . . Abundant Examples. v 33

33 You are righteous concerning all that has come on us, because You have acted faithfully, while we have

       acted wickedly.

       Our God is righteous in all of His actions and is willing to forgive our unrighteous actions. Many people have trouble believing God will forgive them because they put more emphasis on their sin and not enough on the quality and record of God’s righteousness and forgiveness revealed in the Bible. God’s character displays faithfulness and forgives over and over. Most, if not all, all of us know how God has forgiven us and sometimes for the same sins and acts of unrighteousness. Satan will try to get us to doubt God and think we should not ask Him over and over. But to whom else can we go? God forgives if we sincerely ask. He is willing to restore us.


2.    Return To The Restoring God You . . Rebellious People. 9:34-35

A.   Rebellious in . . All Your Ways. v 34

34 Our kings, leaders, priests, and ancestors did not obey Your law or listen to Your commandments and warnings You gave them.


B.   Rebellious with . . Abundant Examples. v 35

35 When they were in their kingdom, with Your abundant goodness You gave them, and in the spacious and fertile land You set before them, they would not serve You or turn from their wicked ways.

       The history of Israel demonstrates a sinfulness in all their ways. There are abundant examples. It is a very sad history as we think about what God desired to give and what the people’s sin kept them from receiving. How sad when the people of God can think the lifestyle of sin produces more than obedience to God. One commentator says there are 20 different sins listed in this chapter. The fact the people were not at one time willing to turn to God but seemed to enjoyed a period of their sin and rebellion. This gives us an example of what unrepentance does in one’s individual life and their country. We today can see examples of this happening in our nation.


3.    Return To The Restoring God and Away from the . . Rule of Pagan Kings. 9:36-38

A.   Ruled by Pagan Kings as . . Slaves. v 36

36 Here we are today, slaves in the land You gave our ancestors so that they could enjoy its fruit and its goodness. Here we are—slaves in it!


 B.   Ruled by Pagan Kings but Repenting and Giving Their . . Signed Document. v 37-38

37 Its abundant harvest goes to the kings you have set over us, because of our sins. They rule over our bodies and our livestock as they please. We are in great distress. Israel's Vow of Faithfulness

       38 In view of all this, we are making a binding agreement in writing on a sealed document containing the

       names of our leaders, Levites, and priests. HCSB

       The time of repentance came for these people. They were tired of serving as slaves. We need to realize sin causes us to become slaves of our sins. Just think of how those who smoke got started. Probably it was a time of thinking you were grown up and big time, but then tried to quit. You became a slave to a habit that seemed

could be broken at any time. Now it is a $50.00 a week plus habit that many cannot quit because they are slaves. Several years ago it took me a few months to kick that habit. It serves as an example of how we can get hooked by sin and many sins have a much stronger grip on us. These people in the text got to a place where they were willing to have their leaders sign an agreement of repentance and willingly Return To The Restoring God. Amen? Amen! Hopefully we will see it happen several time more.