Carrying His Values     Matt. 5:17-22, 43-45 HCSB     Jan. 17, 2016



How do we know what and how the Lord values?  We must continue to see how the Lord works in the past as we become increasingly grounded in the scriptures.  As we participate in Bible study through the Sunday School and special studies opportunities and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit we find we are Carrying His Values.  Our lessons suggest ways we might accomplish this.                


1.       Carry His Values by: . . Looking to what the Scriptures Say.   5:17-20

During the conservative resurgence in our convention some expressed less respect for the scriptures as

the inerrant Word of God.  Others wanted to say we had to evaluated the Word through Jesus, The problem was that some had a weaker view of who Jesus really is; limiting His authority and power.  It is my belief the written Word should guide us as the Spirit leads.  The Lord affirmed the importance of the Word and expressed the value of it.  The scribes and Pharisees toned down the teaching of scriptures and the affect according to Jesus is their righteousness is not sufficient enough to take them to heaven and that is produced by a poor view of scripture and Jesus.


2.       Carry His Value’s by: . . Learning to Value Human Life.   5:21-22

Some teachings are passed down from one generation to an another and some times that is good and some times it is not good.  Jesus many times takes a common saying and clarifies it to make the end result better.  If we follow some teachings without listening to Jesus’s explanations we might fail to rightly appreciate what He wants to see us accomplish.   Calling someone a fool or a moron in our anger may propel us to commit acts we would not normally do.  If we allow anger to go untamed we may allow it to go beyond what we really wanted to accomplish.  If we have a problem with improper anger we need to work at the alienation of it.


3.     Carry His Value’s by . . Loving Beyond Expectations.   5:43-45

It is certainly not easy to love your enemies.  Some people seem to delight in getting people to hate them.  We Christians should not follow the common expression about some people.  Christian are to live by a different standard.  We need to practice praying for enemies and those who do not treat us right.  Should we consider people like the Isis our enemies?  I think so but prayer could change them.  Most of us do not pray enough for enemies or friends.  If we listen to and follow the words of Jesus we will improve.  By loving beyond what is expected of us may very well change some who had been thought of as enemies.  If we do this it may very well cause us to be noted as people who are Carrying His Values.  Amen?  Amen!   (Check for a more detailed outline.  Go to: