Churches I have Pastored

First Baptist Church Huntington Beach California
March 1973 to September 1977
(nearest building was completed recently)

Manchester Baptist Church (St. Louis County)
September 1977 to November 1989

Grace Baptist Church
Parkersburg West Virginia
Pastored from 1986 to 1989
Worship Building completed after I became the Pastor.


This picture shows the New educational building Dedicated in September 2001.

                                          First Baptist Church Mountain View

From August 1989 to November 2001
(Retired after 12 years)

This is my new pastorate as of November 25th, 2001.   Liberty Baptist became a Church 
in 1816 therefore it is one of the oldest Baptist Churches in Missouri.    They recently have 
built two new buildings and purchased a parsonage.   I was delighted to be the pastor here. 
They grew in these 5 years and had 4 surrender to the ministry.  One of them now is the pastor
Liberty Baptist Church
Pastored From November, 2001 Through December, 2006