Information for those interested in the first meeting of the
Baptist General Convention of Missouri.

Book of Recommendations


Page 1           Welcome from the Incorporators.

Page 2            Values and Vision

Page 3            Recommendations to be voted

Page 4            Articles of Incorporation

Page 5            Articles continued,  and a list of signers

Page 6            Standing Rules for the Organizational Meeting

Page 7            Constitution

Page 8            Constitution Continued

Page 9            By Laws

Page 10          By Laws Continued

Page 11           By Laws Continued

Page 12           By Laws Continued

Page 13           By Laws Continued

Page 14            Business and Financial Plan

Page 15            Business and Financial Plan Continued

Page 16            Business and Financial Plan Continued

Page 17            Proposed Budget

Page 18            Nominations for Officers

Page 19            Remittance Form

Page 20            Remittance Report Form

Provisional Program Bulletin


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Information Daily Bulletin

Bulletin Cover

Page 2                Charles Wade,  Jerry Cain,  Scott Langston

Page 3                 H. K. Neely,   Jim Hill

Page 4                 Views and Statements