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He . . . called me through His Grace, . . . to reveal His Son

in me, that I might preach Him . . . "  Gal 1:15b-16a

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Over 700 Sermons on this site.
In my humble but accurate opinion, some of these sermons are not real good,  some are good,
some are very good, and some are better than that.

The Names Of God
   Preaching Through the Book of Revelation

  Who Is Jesus
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Jesus Hand


Similarities In The Ark and Jesus
Gen 6: 12 -18

Sermons from the Book Of Ruth

The Ten Commandment Sermons 
Sermons From The Book Of Romans



Three Important Questions

Old Testament Sermons
New Testament Sermons Special Day Sermons My Links Page

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  Colossians Series
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Believing THE BOOK (the Bible)

or a book (the Da Vinci Code.)

Guest Sermons by:   Steve Wagers

What I Believe

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Check Out These Poems That Will Illustrate Your Preaching

A Funeral Sermon Sermon Preach by Gene McBride
This sermon preached at the Funeral of his 21 year Old daughter

Caught In The Work Of Sermon Preparation

  Caught In Sermon Preparation


A series of sermons on the prerequisites of prayer

A series of sermons on Intercessory Prayer

The Five Fundamentals of the Christian Faith
The Inerrant Word of God  2 Tim. 3:15-17
The Virgin Birth of Christ  Isa. 7:14 and others
Requirements for The Atonement  Lev. 16:5-34 and others
The Resurrection of Christ  John 11:25
The Return of Christ  John 14:1-3

These sermons of the fundamental or intended to be simple.
I may in the future add some sermons on this subject with more theological depth.

Baptist and Baptism
A paper written to discuss my position concerning an open or closed baptismal policy.

My Philosophy of Preaching: There are now over 400 messages on these sermon pages.  I appreciate the comments many of you have written in the guest book. I also like to receive Emails related to your thoughts about these sermons.  It would be nice to be original in
the craft of sermon preparation. The demands on my time and a lack of creativity keep me from it.
Did you hear about the fellow who was going to be original or nothing? Guess what?  H
e was not original.

In almost every sermon you will easily find sermon ILLUSTRATIONS .   I glean these from many different sources.
I believe the preacher should Explain, Illustrate, and Apply the text.   Let's preach His Word!  Let's Preach Him. Amen? ......Amen!

Word Studies etc.: Do I preach exactly the way these sermons are posted?  No!  I take these notes with me to the pulpit but the GREEK etc. is there to refresh my mind.  I do not share all the details of my study. One minister said  "don't take your pots and pans into the pulpit with you."  I do but I display only what is essential for the impact of the sermon.   However If someone ask me after I have preached where
I got a thought I can share immediately from my notes.  I have at times had very good Greek and Hebrew Students in congregations where
I pastored.  Additionally if I ever want to go back to this sermon I have my research.

Integrity and Character:    I believe ministers need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in matters of integrity. Therefore, I urge you to use all or parts of sermons from those I have posted. But if you post them on the internet or publish them in any form, please include a link to this page. When I borrow from any of you and then post my version of the sermon, I will seek to acknowledge the help I gleaned from you. Thanks.

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