Luke 1:6-20 
Some Principals of Prayer.
Luke 2:26
Whose Christ Is This Christ 
Luke 2:51- 52
How Do Your Four Gardens Grow?
Luke 10:30-36 
   Seeing Yourself In the Good Samaritan Story 
Luke 13: 3-5
   Who Needs To Repent?
Luke 13:23-29
   Stop Signs on the Way to Hell.
Luke 15:11-20 
   A Repentant Son
Luke 15:11-20
What Sin Can and Can Not Do
Luke 16:19-31    What The Man In Hell Never Ask For.
    Luke 17:11-14 & 19
   Learning From Lepers about Salvation
     Luke 17:12-19     Why Only One Person Giving Thanks 
Luke 18:24-27    Who Needs Salvation?   Who Can Be Saved?
Luke 21:25-28 The Second Coming of Christ 
  Luke 22:31-34 Truth About Temptation 
Luke 23:32-47 Jesus Offers Forgiveness  
Luke 23:32-43    Three Ways to Die Spiritually.
Luke 23:34,     The Road Less Traveled (Forgiveness).
Luke24:1-10, 36-40, 44-46 Focus on the Risen Lord         
Luke 24:46-49    Why Witness