Acts 1:6-8            Faith Witnesses


Acts 2:41-47          BE STEADFAST.

Acts 2:44-47               The Church at Her Best   "THE CHURCH AT HER BEST!!"      Acts 2:44-47

ACTS 4:1-12         Defense Is a Good Offense.

Acts 4:12                Because Jesus Is the Only Savior

Acts 4:12            THERE "IS" SALVATION

Acts 5:11-16        A  Shadow Of Fear.

Acts 5: 33-47       Worldly Wisdom and Obedience to God.

Acts 6:1-7              The Office of Deacon

Acts 8:1-12    T H E  C H U R C H  S C A T T E R E D  B U T  T O G T H E R

Acts  8:4             Witnessing for Christ 1900 Years Ago.

Acts 9:1-6               Is Jesus Lord?

Acts 9:17-23    Learning Some Basics of Christianity
A sermon for the seeker or new Christian

Acts 9: 22-23 --      Proof of the Resurrection

Acts 16:13-16        How about Your Heart

Acts 16:2-13,    How Is Your Heart  newer

Have You Heard About The Holy Spirit? # 1    Acts 19:1-6

Acts 19:9-10          The Calls To Witness.

Acts 20:18-26         20-20 VISION WITH SPIRITUAL EYES

Acts 20:22-32    When Paul Left A Church

Acts 24:22-27         Issues 2000 (a focus on election of 2000)

Acts 26:11-29         If the Apostle Paul Were My Father

Acts 26:14-19        Three Steps to Salvation Open, Turn, Receive