Various Psalms                         EXAMPLES OF GIVING THANKS

PSA 11:1-7                             Fathers and Foundations

Psa. 11:4-7                        If The Foundations Be Destroyed  

Ps 19:7-14                                 WHEN YOU YIELD TO THE LORD'S CONTROL

Psa.19:7; 119:89,105,140,160     The Bible God's Word Is:

Ps 23:1                                      THREE TIMELESS TRUTHS

Ps 23:5                                       Celebration In The Presence of The Enemy    ,  September 10, 2000

Psa.37:4-7                                  Will God Give Us What We Want?

Psalms 95:1:11                             Thanks 1998.

Psalm 100: 1-5                            The Song of Thanksgiving

Psalms 112:1-4                         NO ONE CARES FOR MY SOUL   

Psa 116:12-19                             WHAT SHALL I GIVE UNTO THE LORD?

PSA 119:9-17                               Fathers and the Word of God