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A Message from Malachi         Mal.1:1

God Loves Us         Mal. 1:2-5

The Sins of the Priest and or Allowed by the Priest        Mal. 1:6-14

God's Love      Mal. 1:14

A REMINDER TO THE PRIEST                                Mal.2:1-9

When The Priest Had Manure on their Faces                Mal 2:1-9

Mal. 3:1-7a      A Promise Keeping God

Mal. 3:7                                Will America Return to God?

Mal 3:10;  2 Cor 8:4 - 7-9        What Can the Tithe Prove?

Mal.3:7-10 and Psa.119:60        What the Tithe Is, and What It Is Not.

MAl. 3:7-12                            5 QUESTIONS I MUST ASK MYSELF ABOUT TITHING.

Mal 3:13-18                  No Thanks and Thanks

Mal. 4:1-3                     Looking at The Day of The Lord

Mal. 4:1-6  When the Lord Returns


God's Love
Malachi 1:1-14