James 1:1-5                How To Have Joy In Serving.
James gives guidance for serving with joy.

James 1:5-8                Asking for and Receiving Wisdom.
James give simple advice for asking and receiving wisdom.

James 1:9-18               Some Trials Christians Face.
James talks about the fact of trials and how to deal with them.

James 1:12                The Five Crowns  1 Thess 2:19;  1 Cor 9:25;  2 Tim 4:8;  1 Pet 5:4

James 1:18-25            The Believers Relationship to the Word.
James tells us how to relate to the Bible.

James 1:26-27            Counterfeit or Concrete Christianity.
A Definition of Concrete Christianity.

James 2:1-14              Viewing the Sin of Prejudice.
Different Views of the Sin of Prejudice.

James 2:14-26            A Profitable Faith.
James Asks What Does Faith Profit?

James 3:1-12              Adult Language.
We Talk about Adult Language but what is it?

James 3:13-18            Wise or Unwise.
A Biblical Description of Wisdom.

James 4:1-5                Churches Feuding, Fussing, and Fighting.
James ask what causes these Problems?

James 4:5-10               Five Steps to More Grace.
Here is a Formula for Christian Growth.

James 4:11-17             Christian Conduct.
Some Descriptions of Christian Conduct.

James 5:1-6                 A Rusty Witness.

James 5:7-12                Motivated by the Lord's Return.

James 5: 13-15             It Says What It Means Does It Mean What It Says?

James 5:16-20              Dealing With Sin in the Christian's Life.